Inhumans (S01E08) "…And Finally: Black Bolt"

Here we are folks, the season finale; I feel like it’s been a bit of a short road for this series but this final episode really shows that this series has a lot and I mean a lot of potential to be as good as Agents of Shield series. But now its all up to the studio on wither it will be renewed or canceled. Hopefully ABC Studios reconsiders their early decision and gives Inhumans series another chance for at least one more season. I saw it from the start that this series has a ton of potential to be really good. Most episodes were great there was only one episode I felt like it was really a filler episode which is not bad, cause most times we get three filler episodes in a season but because this season was so short we got only one. Lets get to the review!
So with this episode it was all about saving Atilan from Maximus (Iwan Rheon) but as we all know the version of Maximus from the comics, he never gives up Atilan without trying to destroy it. And believe me comic version of Maximus always tries destroying Atilan, its like a daily choir for him to fail all the time on deatroying Atilan in the comic books. But I have to say with Maximus you can’t feel bad for the character not after all the bad and evil that you know he is capable of and has done. Its hard to feel bad for him. It’s like the first thing he wants is to be king, which is never going to happen even if Black Bolt (Anson Mount) ever meets his end. Because Medusa (Serinda Swan) will always be there to stop Maximus.
Now Black Bolt, for this whole season we haven’t seen him really use his ability because its so powerful. But with the first episode and final episode we got a look a that power for short scenes of course but still its good to see him use his ability. But one thing that always bugged me is that Black Bolt never really wore the suit that he had in the comics but they did do a good job with the ending having him wear the suit. But overall Anson Mount did a fantastic job as Black Bolt for the series and like how I said before I hope this series gets renewed.
Now here’s something I have found weird, for the whole season while the Inhumans were on the islands of Hawaii not once did Shield get notified about weird activity being on Earth? Is this happening around the same time that the Agents of Shield are trapped in space? I guess we will find out sooner or later with that series coming back on soon. But I did find it weird though and so did a lot of fans of the series as well.
I thought it was interesting though that they destroyed Atilan but it wasn’t the dome that destroyed the city, it was Black Bolt using his voice to trap and imprison Maximus within the bunker that destroyed Atilan and left Maximus in a prison that no one will ever be able to access. And in his crazy delusions Maximus still counts himself as king when there is no kingdom to rule. So he’s king-less and is stuck in a prison which I knew would happen. I wonder if Season 2 will focus on recreating Atilan and make the new city float above the earth like how it’s suppose to. I guess we will have to wait and see.
This season was a lot of fun and I hope they do renew it but while we wait for that decision don’t forget to watch the new season of Agents of Shield which will air Friday December 1, 2017 at 9/8c on ABC.