MacGyver (S02E07) "Duct Tape + Jack"

There doesn’t seem to be a situation Mac (Lucas Till) and Jack (George Eads) cannot get out of. With Mac’s ingenuity, there is always a way. Defining the odds makes it one hell of a ride and a wonderful form of entertainment on our television screens. This episode isn’t one to disappoint either.

Jack’s apartment has been broken into. There are things of sentimental value that are missing. One of them being his father’s dog tags, it seems to be hitting him harder than he’d like to admit. Luckily he has a friend like MacGyver to calm his nerves and rising emotions.

The team is sent to Columbia on a time sensitive mission. It’s their job to pull a miracle out of MacGyver’s endless bag of tricks. They need to find a new heart for Hector León (Joseph Castillo-Midyett). He is the only one that can pull the country out of disarray. It may seem extreme, but with the team on it, it’s doable. With the heart in their possession and an expert at their side, Dr. Alejandra Rosa (Daniella Alonso). Things seem to be going smoothly. It’s short-lived of course, but that’s what makes it an entertaining show.

Bozer (Justin Hires) is on a mission of his own back home. He is determined to find Jack’s missing items, so he enlists the help of Jill, who has impressive forensic skills. There are a lot of questionable things about the break in. Since the alarm didn’t go off, it had to be someone who was close to Jack. That’s when they pinpointed it to a neighbor, rather their teenage son. They were able to recover Jack’s missing belongings, and perhaps save a teenage boy from going down a road he can’t return from.

Riley and Cage are on their own mission. They have intercepted and retrieved Hector. He needs to be taken to a safe place for the heart transplant, but it’s proving to be difficult to keep a low profile. There are a lot of people out to get Leon and end his chances of bringing democracy to his potential constituents. Cage and Riley seem to work well together, they both have useful skills to bring to the table, it was nice to see this duo in action.

Things hit a snag with MacGyver and Jack temporarily lose the heart that León so desperately needs, but with some quick thinking and Jack’s impeccable driving skills they are able to recover their precious cargo. Unfortunately the heart is slowly failing, the pump is no longer functional. What’s the next best thing? Jack. The blood flowing through Jack’s body was able to keep the heart functioning until they reached their destination.

In desperate attempts, Col. Zarate (Joseph Melendez) cuts the power to areas of the city. He needs Hector dead in order to keep his destructive reign afloat. They’ve come too far to lose all they had worked for, but there was still hope. With MacGyver on the job, nothing was impossible. Rigging up a temporary power supply using a motorbike, they are able to successfully complete their mission. Hector has a new heart, and the country has a new leader.

There are so many heart pounding moments in this show, but it’s also balanced by the reflective and emotion inducing one-on-ones. It’s a feel good show, so there is always going to be some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. It’s something we can always count on. Just like we can always count on MacGyver to come through for the team in a pinch.

Jack is more than overjoyed when he comes back home. It’s a great moment when he reaches into the cigar box and reveals his father’s dog tags. I may have had a few tears in my eyes. At the end of the day, it all worked out. I can’t help but feel as though the writers are lulling us into a false sense of security, something big is coming.

If we can learn one thing from this episode? Do not be sarcastic with Matty (Meredith Eaton). She will shut you down and put you in your place. Especially on a mission. Her sass is on point and isn’t one to mess with.

MacGyver airs on CBS every Friday at 8/7c.

Photo: IMDB