The Exorcist (S02E06) "Darling Nikki"

Andy (John Cho) is in the time of his undoing. The demon is taunting him with visions of his long dead wife, Nikki (Alicia Witt). The realm of insanity is alluring and it taunts him with long-lost memories and promises that are coated with danger. Even though he is aware of his decline, Nikki has an unearthly hold on him and his heart.

Truck (Cyrus Arnold) is being monitored after the incident with Verity (Brianna Hildebrand). Although it was out of his control, the demon is driving them to do things against their will. The power is terrifying and it’s not even close to being done yet. Every single person will witness the horror, unless it can be stopped.

Marcus (Ben Daniels) and Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) make their way back to the house, they can’t leave in good conscience without confirming the existence of evil. Rose reveals that Andy has not been acting quite himself. But they must validate that there is something wrong in the house before they proceed with an exorcism. They are certainly in the right place at the right time. Rose is on the cusp of believing their stories, but is open to the possibility that something otherworldly is going on.

Andy’s decline is becoming more noticeable, especially to the children who are left in his care. As it is revealed that there are exorcist’s under his roof, this begins to set Andy off in subtle yet unsettling ways. They must provoke Andy enough that he loses control and reveals the demon lurking in the shadows. This proves to be harder than anticipated, especially when Tomas and Marcus are kicked out of the house. But they will not abandon the family now.

Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) and Mouse (Zuleikha Robinson) have finally made their way to Chicago. Maria (Kirsten Fitzgerald) is on her death-bed, and no use to the big bad demon who inhibits her body. They torture her, trying to get the answers they seek. They got more than they bargained for when Mouse’s skeletons come pouring out of the demon’s mouth. Mouse puts a quick end to it with a bullet to the head. Leaving us with more questions and zero answers.

Tomas is plagued by visions of chaotic and violent events, it’s starting to take a toll on his mind. Perhaps he has the best way in to the demon’s weaknesses, into its true intentions. While Nikki lurks in the shadows whispering sweet nothings into Andy’s ears, coaxing him into submission. Rose is in terrible danger as a night of passion turns into a twisted nightmare.

Harper’s mom has come to claim her, but she has gained strength through her ordeal and stands up for herself, until the knife comes out. Luckily Marcus and Tomas are there to rescue her. In the midst of the chaos the demon finally loses control and shows its true colors. Killing Harper’s mom in the process.

The demon has taken hold of Andy, and is not going to let go of him without a fight. What is to come will be the greatest trial of his life, and no one is going to be left unscathed. This is a different kind of evil, stronger and nothing like they have dealt with before.

I can’t wait to watch what happens next. This show always keeps you on your toes, never quite expecting what will happen next.

Rating: 8/10

The Exorcist airs on Fox every Friday at 9/8c.

Photo: Screen Capture done by author of review