Star (S02E05) "May the Best Manager Win!"

Alexandra is having nightmares in the daytime, about Derek finding out about her pregnancy termination. #abortion Star is having “just sex”  with Noah erry where but a bed & Simone losses her juvie roomie Karen . She’s taken away to Cobb, a higher security. #brokencurfew
Still struggling to make it, Jahil is living in his motor home, on the side of the salon. He coughs & scrounges for food & hot coffee in Carlotta’s kitchen, although a hot shower is most urgent. He wants to share “his sound” they all laugh. #byefelecia #nocred
Over @ Midtown, Charles Floyd (Richard Roundtree) is finally in town.  He’s checking up on Ayanna. It’s obvious she thinks her Midtown success will win his love, affection  & devotion. Her success will also put her in the same league as her succesful siblings. She’ s more than highly motivated. It’s personal.  Pops kisses her on the check, smiles, wishes her luck & leaves1f494 - Star (S02E05) "May the Best Manager Win!" #daddyissues
Later, Jahil shows up @ Ayanna’s. He wants to produce ANY artist @ Midtown, with “his sound” (the same one taken from his nephew.) She throws him out.
But Andy, (Elijah Kelley) Ayanna’s assistant, shows up @ Jahil’s. He wants a shot. He can sing & sing …fo”realz! He sounds good. Jahil likes it in & takes him on.  However…
1f3a4 - Star (S02E05) "May the Best Manager Win!"
In the midst of it all, Angel (Evan Ross) shows up, Jahil’s nephew! #rutroh to reclaim HIS sound. They work out a partnership. Oh…& nephew “can sang, too!” 🎤 #sweet
Brody has a “Hold On & Wait” phone call. He’s apparently working his way back into the graces of his girls & has to reassure whoever is on the other line, it’s all coming together. #crook Star continues to shun him; Simone doesn’t. 
Alexandra, stressed, goes hi- end “shopping” Before she can boost, she’s busted. They have a video of her last visit & the theft of the bracket. Carlotta helps her out of this jam & takes her to church.
With Yolanda Adams’,1f3b5 - Star (S02E05) "May the Best Manager Win!" “Be Blessed” softly playing in the background, the ladies are in the pews.   Alexandra doesn’t believe in God, yet listens to Carlotta & the music, respectfully.  And with the ambiance of the sanctuary, she comes clean about what’s bothering her.. It was a nice touch
Jahil produces, “Perfecta”♫ with Angel & Andy #AA 1f3a4 - Star (S02E05) "May the Best Manager Win!" It’s fire1f525 - Star (S02E05) "May the Best Manager Win!"the crowd, particularly the girls love it. Ayanna is shocked (pleased) & surprised. She doesn’t like surprises & feigns annoyance. But I can see the wheels in her head,  turning like a slot machine!💲💲💲
Outside the showcase, Lucky, (Teryale Hill) Noah’s BFF  is shot by the Police, in what looks like a profile stop. 
And this is “What’s Happening, NOW!” With Danielle’s shootng, Derek & Alexandra arrest, now this; we get it! It’s sad & sorrowful for all involved. The cop is screaming too, in disbelief.  A rookie of 1 month!
Marvin Gaye’s, 1f3b6 - Star (S02E05) "May the Best Manager Win!"“Make Me Wanna ‘ Holla” in the background was perfection.
Lucas “Lucky” Keyes dies @ the hospital. Star comforts Noah. Alexandra asks Derek to pray with her. 🙏  
It’s a  good one👍  Star airs, Wednesday’s @9:00 p.m. Pacific Time