A one on one with Paul Ogola, Jela, Sense8

  1. What can fans anticipate for this special?

 The fans should be ready for what they’ fought’ for, a show for them.

  1. What was it like to find out Sense8 was getting a chance to finish the story after the abrupt cancellation?   ” My wrist was slapped off a sweet plate of pancake” kind of feeling. The economics reason made financial sense though. However, as an artist, I felt so sad and ‘powerless’.
  2. Why do you think the show was cancelled? Economics, according to the brief! It makes a lot of sense if people watch the show for it to continue. So, I will go by that reason, it makes sense to me and easy for you and me to work on way forward.
  3. Do you think there’s a hope for reviving it? Either on Netflix or another service? Lana said she is writing a whole season 3! Guess who she relies on? The fans! She knows that they will rally with her, us to the next but not hopefully not the end. That is my faith too.
  4. What’s your favorite thing about the show? I never understood aesthetics of art until I got to work for these legends. The show has more than just what it is perceived to be. I love the symbols in the show, they speak for me as a person to the right people (the system). The show brought me close to people, so many tend to reject and in this family, I found a tribe, my tribe.
  5. What do you want to see happen in the special? I NEED TO SEE MORE MINDS CHANGED. I need to see everyone walking out saying, “it’s worth it”.
  6. What’s the craziest thing you filmed either for the special or the series? The explosion scene was the craziest yet adventurous. Adrenaline pumping, this was the day our source of livelihood ‘Van Damn’ was going to be explode, with no stunts experience just a few years of acrobatics training, the stunt man Morgan Chetcutti was to get teach on how to perform in an explosion scene, no room for errors because it was only a take on 7 camera rigs. Directed by Lana, knowing very well that she is looking to capture the intensity of the action, so me and Capheus had to get it right. We did a few rehearsals then when it was time to record, cameras rolling and drone buzzing above, we ran and hit the timing of the explosion and cut! That was a scene.
  7. What do you think about the other characters on the show? Every character is important in the show, If they aren’t saying anything then they are just giving some sought of energy that is relevant to the show. These a real people we see in our lives every day, dream about or fantasize to be or have in our times of danger, sadness, depression, or just dark hours. Personally, I would love to be Nomi and just expose things bad politicians do. I need that tech genius mixed with Wolfgang just in case I need to crack, I would need all these people for me to complete my mission. I guess that is why “we are US”
  8. Do you relate with any of the characters on the show? Either Jela or otherwise? I relate with most of these characters and even if I can’t relate with others, still can’t miss something we share.
  9. What do you relate to the most about Jela? What makes him different from you? His occupation, marital status, Jela is a father, his way of dressing which is more of “what come first on sight” and the most thing I love about Jela is LOYALTY. The world is running low on this quality.
  10. What do you like most about Jela? Jela acts like Capheus is his son or younger brother, he really cares for things and people he holds dearly. Down for whatever so long it’s for the squad then let’s roll!
  11. What do you think about Jela and Capheus relationship? Is it realistic? Very realistic. The reason it might look unreal is because, we found new love in things! Material stuff like phones, computers, social media, and followers…lol! We care much about the numbers “1million followers” on Instagram but do not care about the fact that these are people. I grew up in a setting that gave me the chance to feel the importance of having a friend who would have your back in front of an African parent. So yes, Capheus and Jela is so real, sad that its rare.
  12. Do you think the show represented Kenya well? The show was not about Kenya at all. The show was about a character or characters who happen to live in Kenya. Some tropes are not far from the truth. What the show tells about Kenya is its talent and potential to tell a story, I believe it’s well told.
  13. What would you want fans to know about Kenya? Lions have freedom of movement.
  14. Do you do your own stunts? Yes, I do.
  15. What’s the hardest part about filming Sense8? Working on a very tight schedule, changes on script need almost immediate response of getting the lines, interpret then live the moment.
  16. What’s the best thing about filming Sense8? I love reuniting with the whole team, from the producer to the smallest person on set. Reading the whole script and watching it in your mind is the best moment for me even though the show comes out different from what I had imagined! At least I watched it before the fans, lol.
  17. Did you get to go to the other countries? I am not sure if I am supposed to say this… No comment.
  18. What’s the hardest thing about traveling if you did? The best? I see your bait, allow me to pass and wait for a next time, God willing! Happy new year Kate!
  19. Is there any message you want to give to the fans of the show? To the FANmily, it’s not over until you say its over.