Damnation (S01E01) "Sam Riley's Body"

USA’s latest show premiered and is already off with a bang, with a high body count and lots of action last Tuesday night.  Set in Iowa in the 1930s, the show follows a shady cast in a town where no one is as they seem.
The preacher (also known as Seth Davenport, played by Killian Scott) is a grifter who goes from town to town trying to get poor farmers and laborers to strike against the banks and bring down “the big banks.”  He might look like a preacher and talk like a preacher, but his actions are nothing like any preacher you’ve ever known.
The show kicks into high gear when a Pinkerton from Chicago rolls into town on a milk wagon, breaking the blockade and killing one of the farmers.  From then on, the show is non stop action, going from Iowa to another town in Kentucky, where minors are on strike.
The show seems to be about the lengths that the companies will go to keep the “little guy” in check by any means possible, even if they have to bloody their hands in standing up for what’s right.  In this show, no one’s innocent, not the lawmen, the hookers, or the preachers wives.
The show was fast paced, and boasts some great character actors from Christopher Heyerdahl (from Hell on Wheels), to Teach Grant, Logan Marshall Green, and many others.  This cast is definitely an ensemble cast, and it will be interesting to see how the characters in the town fight the upcoming battles.
The show is created by Tony Tost, who’s written for Longmire and executive produced by James Mangold, who recently directed Logan and 3:10 to Yuma, so I’m excited to see how his influence plays into the show, if at all.
So far, Damnation’s a fast paced thriller, and no one is who they seem to be.  Tune in Tuesday nights at 10pm eastern on USA for all new episodes.