Once Upon a Time (S07E06) “Wake up Call”

This was a very classic OUAT episode, twisty turny with a BIG reveal at the end. It was great from start to finish imho.
The main storyline this week dealt with the relationship between Roni and Ivy, and the mirroring relationship between Regina and Drizella. After a quick scene to remind us of the photo Henry found of him as a kid with Regina, we’re sent to the Enchanted Forest. When Henry and Jacinda are attacked by thieves Regina steps in to help them out, only to realize that she’s maybe not needed by her “little” boy anymore.
Can I just say – Regina has always had the absolute best costumes on this show and the new outlaw look is no exception. I expect to see some cosplay of this ASAP!
Back in current day Roni plots with Henry to help Lucy give up on her fairy tale dreams. It’s during this that we find out that Roni believes that she did try to adopt a young boy, but was turned down by the authorities as unsuitable. It’s why this particular claim of Lucy’s – that Roni is Henry’s Mom – is so painful for her. Henry and Roni decide to play along with Lucy in the hopes that she’ll discover on her own that it’s all wishful thinking. Henry even comes up with a classic OUAT code name, “Operation Heartbreak”, although he thinks it’s just a fun thing from his own book.
In the Enchanted Forest  Regina is wandering off through the forest when she comes upon an unknown woman wrestling with an out of control magic. She saves the woman from what becomes a giant man-eating flower, only to realize that she’s saved Drizella. Drizella tells her that although she was born with magic, her terrible mother wouldn’t let her learn to use it. She’s determined to find a way to get magic so that she can finally determine her own future. This obviously affects Regina, it reminds her of her own difficulties and she decides to mentor Drizella to help her bring out her own magic. Listening to Regina makes me realize she’d absolutely be a fabulous mentor and I think she needs to be needed.
In Hyperion Heights we get another glimpse of the unknown creepy woman at Victoria’s building when Ivy brings her some soil and blue flowers. The woman performs magic and out grows a weird spiky plant. Ivy plucks a spike, places it in a jar and makes it clear she’s out to hurt Regina. Guess the mentoring didn’t end too happily.
Henry finally asks Jacinda out on a date, using the John Cusak boom box stance which is super awkward. Especially because Jacinda appears to not even recognize why anyone would do that. But he convinces her and they happily start working on the food truck together.
Roni finds Lucy and convinces her that she’s going to help, “why don’t we prove this thing together?” These two are adorable, I can’t wait for Regina to know she’s got a granddaughter!!
In the Enchanted Forest Regina is busy teaching Drizella, she even puts her own safety at risk to pull Drizella’s magic out. It’s at this moment that our dear Rumple appears strolling down the forest path.
The two former villains meet in current time as well, with Roni going to see Rumple about Regina Mills. She asks him to look into a possible adoption by this woman. At this point I can’t help but wonder why Rumple isn’t more helpful, we know he remembers who he really is and it sure seemed like he had changed into not being a total ass. But maybe you just can’t fight your own nature because, in order to help Roni, he has to get an unnamed favor in return. He does find a file on Regina Mills and take it to Roni at her bar. She sees a signature, practices it, and is shocked when she realizes that she signs Regina Mills identically to this paperwork.
In the Enchanted Forest Regina, prompted by Rumple, shows Drizella that her mother is practicing removing and replacing her sister’s heart. She realizes that the plan is for Lady Tremaine to take Drizella’s heart (killing her obviously) in order to bring back Anastasia. What a flipping terrible thing to find out. Drizella is devasted and asks Regina to help her kill her mother. Regina tries to dissuade her, offering to help her learn to protect herself. That infuriates Drizella, sending her into a rage. She feels betrayed by Regina and runs off.
Drizella takes her fiancé to confront her mother. She finds her mother standing over Anastasia’s coffin and tells her that she knows the plan. Just as her fiancé is charging forward to kill Lady Tremaine, Regina strides in and stops everything. She’s trying to save Drizella from going down the same dark path she did. But Drizella has other plans, she uses magic to kill her own fiancé! I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting that one bit! She smiles and tells the two older women that her heart is now black and can’t be used. “I want you to suffer. She (Regina) taught me about the dark curse…death is too merciful for you.” Drizella disappears in a poof of magic.
A shocked Roni is staring at her signature and that of Regina Mills when Ivy strolls into the bar. Ivy fixes them both a drink – Roni’s obviously tampered with- and the “fun” begins. Regina is back! Drizella laid the dark curse, not Victoria! Twist! And yet another twist – it’s hero proof. Something terrible happened right before the curse was placed, some unknown thing that the curse maybe stops from happening? So if Regina doesn’t help Ivy stop Henry from breaking the curse by kissing Jacinda then that terrible thing will happen again. This is crazy making for me. What could be so terrible that a good mother would actively work against her son? I’m wondering if we’ll see the curse broken in the first half of this season and deal with the fallout the second half (my hope!) or if this is setting up the big problem for season 8?
It was heart breaking to see Regina and Henry together now that she remembers. He even told her, “I wrote the book because I wanted a mom and i found a way to give myself two.” You know Regina is dying inside when she hears that.
The other event of note this episode was Rogers working with Alice to get some clues on the missing teenage girl, Eloise Gardner. He decides to look deeper into the tattooed man, only to find him murdered at home. My only complaint this episode was too little Hook, every episode benefits from more pirate :).
Picture from @onceabc