Family Guy (S16E06) "The D in Apartment 23"

This was a very different episode & viewer discretion is advised. It is not for the thin skinned, sensitive & easily offended. Oh. but wait; this is Family Guy! …”Just kidding” which could also be the title of this episode! 
Brian & Stewie are driving to the public library,  yet Brian convinces him to go to the University. Stewie agrees & goes for enlightenment. Brian, to look for girls. He fails in a matter of minutes.
They come upon a rally and find students protest because they can.  Somewhere in the midst of demonstration,  Brian is motivated to tweet again. He reopens his account & starts hashtaging everything!
No followers, retweets or likes, he’s pumped & not discouraged. He becomes the Prince of Insults & the new Don Rickles, which is not PC in this age & was questionable,  back in the day.
However, his timeline lights up when he uses Kevin Hart & BayWatch in the same tweet. #racist. The latter being his viewing preference.  I understand 
Sidebar: So because he doesn’t like Hart & prefers Baywatch, & is not black, he’s racist? Does it help that he’s a Dog? …just saying  #animalrights
People find out who he is & chase him home. He’s hated & it overflows to family. Lois is shunned & frozen out @ the market. Peter is no longer welcomed at the Drunken Calm & the kids are taunted in the cafeteria.
However, Chris & Meg fight back. They have skills!  No stunt doubles.  They kill the student body. #jackiechan
Eventually, the family wants him to move out, even Stewie agrees. He’s on his own.
He moves into a seedy hotel, has a bowl of canned soup, watches Wheel of Fortune in the dark, while listeniing to neighbors fight over a nail clipper. He is ” The D in apartment 23″  #damned #dissed 
It was one of the more profound, thought provoking & prophetic episodes yet; sprinkled with dark humor.
It surmises : There are no jokes, anymore. We’re ostracized, ridiculed & isolated for a difference of opinion & an attempt @ making a funny.  Comedians will starve in the future.
Although Brian attempts to publicly apologize, he is bashed for any order of greeting.  One cannot claim a joke &  “just kidding” is dead. I can no longer dislike a person because they’re an ass, it has to be because of the color of his skin, sexual preferences, religious beliefs & anything that is trending. #bandwagonmentality
And so the hate thrives; living in the skin & dressed in the clothes of intolerance & “anti” anything that offends the traditional values & memories of another.
Actually, a violation of any inalienable & innate right is wrong. When one is oppressed, we all are oppressed. Even the people I dont agree with.
Family Guy airs, Sundays, 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time 
“Our way of thinking needs to keep up with what we know, rather than the attachment of a world that no longer exists”-Gregg Braden
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