Good Behavior (S02E05) “You Could Discover Me”

good behavior oct 30 17 - Good Behavior (S02E05) “You Could Discover Me”
Loved, Loved, loved this episode. Written by Chitra Elizabeth Sampath. Directed by Jessica Lowrey. This show is clearly firing on all cylinders. Chad Hodge, you are a creative genius.
We see Letty and Javier in a diner.
“She still has an AOL account, Lashever.” – Letty (Who has an AOL account in 2017? Nobody, that’s who. Lashever is covering her tracks smoothly. LOVE HER!) “How long will it take the FBI to raid the account?” – Javier “I need to see Ava.” – Javier “We are still both going to prison.” – Javier (WOW, what is going on with you, Javier?)
“We were going to jail. Me for life. And here we are BECAUSE OF YOU.” – Javier
I don’t care what situation you’ve been put in. Being told you’ve created a bad situation is never a good thing. This was the first time I’ve ever heard Javier speak to Letty like this. Is the honeymoon period over already? What gives? Something is really bothering him, I know that for sure.
Lashever enters the FBI room. The blowhard agents are discussing a big job. I swear that each of them must think they’re Tarzan. (Pound a bit harder on that chest. Why don’t you?) Lashever is discussing Agent Backup. (I swear I chuckle every time I hear that name.) “You can’t be talking about this job?” Lashever says to the two Tarzans. “Lashever didn’t tell you where the money is?” Javier says to Letty. (It’s like a treasure hunt Javier, GET IT… The Rose Garden…) “They walk into the club and I’m sensing a culture shock from Letty and Javi. “Why are we leaving?” – Javier to Letty. “You have a problem with alternative lifestyles?” – Lashever says to Letty during their phone call. (Meanwhile, I’m past ab crunching laughing now.) “I don’t care if you have to put Javier in bustier! GET ME MY MONEY!” – Agent Lashever to Letty.
Letty and Javier head out to her friend’s house. In order for this to work, they must form a game plan. They need to score some make-up and drag outfits. They need to go under cover at the “Rose Garden”. “You know which Sephora I’m banned from? Every Sephora!” (“You where I work now? Not Sephora!”) Steven says. They need Steven to help them hatch their plan. He’ll do it. Catch 22 is he wants a 10% cut from it.  Oh Letty. What did you do to this poor guy. Why does he want such a huge cut?
“Maybe that should be my drag name, Jenny.” – Letty
Already Letty is morphing into one of her personas. She’s thinking about her wig. Her make-up. Her style of dress.
At that same moment, Javier is dishing her some hard truths. What does she want him to do at the club? Estelle is calling Letty now. “It’s your Mom. Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to cut off your bridges.” Javier makes a valid point. As much as Estelle and Letty have a seriously dysfunctional mother/daughter relationship…Estelle’s still her mother. Javier knows what it is like to be totally cut off from his family. Going at it alone, while Letty’s a survivor. Why should she want to cut ties with her? What about Jacob? For his sake, sometimes it’s better to think than just react. I wholeheartedly get what Javier means.
I hate when Javier and Letty fight. It’s usually not that long. Thank Gawd. I couldn’t handle a long separation. He tells Letty he will see her when she is done. They should be working together and not apart. Why am I getting a bad feeling?
“You could discover me.” Letty tells Lady Chablis. In which she answers ever so sassy. “SEE THAT DOOR – SAYS EXIT – SEE YOU OUTSIDE!” Mad shade thrown at Letty. Don’t ever mess with a drag queen unless you can handle it!
The boss says Alan got hurt. We need a bartender. I want to add Lady Chablis is funny as HADES! She explains the rules: “Don’t touch any of the shizzle.” She asks Letty/Jenny if she knows how to make a Blue Curcio, you probably don’t.” Well she makes her one. Lady Chablis APPROVES! You go Jenny.
You know we can’t miss a moment not seeing Ava, Teo and Javier. They’re back! Teo is acting very weird. (No, me gusta!) I feel like he is setting up Javier. Javier is talking to Teo in Spanish. “Did you kill Silk?” Meanwhile, Ava wants to know why he never told her that he got arrested on his family outing? (Por que, Ava?) OH!!! SO, WAIT! Ava gives up Silk because he was so addicted to drugs! PLOT TWIST! Is it that Ava wants Javier dead? She got her lover from Argentina to do her dirty work? Yo no se. Javier already knows too much…
“Drama always follows that girl around.” Lady Chantelle (re: Letty)
How does she know this? She read a crystal ball. Lady Chantelle must be clairvoyant.  I’m telling you. I know these things. The Drag Queens want to know where Jenny (aka Letty) is from. They are hilarious and wonderful in this episode!
“Jacob 911. You used the FBI to deliver the person I LOVE to the FBI.” – Letty to Estelle
I just went OMG! Did you? If my television had a rewind I would have played that part repeatedly.  Were you not screaming from the rooftops? I swear I had that song on in my head. “Baby I’m ready to go. From the rooftops SHOUT IT OUT. Letty loves Javier!(Well I ad-libbed that last part. Yawl get the drift.) How are we going to handle the mutual exchange of “ILYs”? Chad Hodge prepares us for it ahead of time for that day, okay.
Micki/Rose the owner of “The Rose Garden” has a safe full of guns. We find out this is how the club make their money. Mum hum. Letty tells Javier he has to buy a gun from Micki/Rose. “Letty? I was parked around the corner.” – Javier (She had no idea with what just went down with Teo/Ava.) She tells him he must steal the 500k from the safe. Girlfriend and her demands… Javier thought he’d stick around to help her. Javier is talking to Micki/Rose looking to buy a gun. “I’m a hitman. That’s why I am here.” – Javier (Micki/Rose laughs) “You here to KILL ME, are you?” – Micki/Rose says. I was not shocked that Letty asked Javier to flirt with him. Though calling him a slut is going too far.  I think Javier felt uncomfortable with that. He gets the guns and pays for them.  Letty sees the boss leave with an envelope of…
Rob and Estelle and discussing Jetty. “It’s not like if Jacob don’t eat all his green beans, Javier will just murder him. He only kills people for money and Jacob don’t have any.” I LOVE ROB. He’s #1 with me!!!! I love Rob’s sense of loyalty and honesty. That “World’s Best Dad” mug so well-deserved. He is Team Javier all the way! After all, Javier IS Rob’s favorite son!
“Micki/Rose is holding me hostage.” – Javier to Letty (They are 1 in the same.) Letty goes on to explain to Javier. When you think Micki/Rose is having his last number… he’s not. That’s when you are going to and steal the money.
He asks if this is what women like… –  Javier
The drag lifestyle…
Guess what song is playing? “It’s Raining Men”. (PREACH!) Javier knocks out the bodyguard. Letty starts her “distraction” performance. Or so some people think. (wink).
Does Javier….know Letty is in love with him???? Will she tell him??
I think she just did. Singing “I Love You Always Forever.” Is a huge declaration of love? Meanwhile, Javier is sitting there with Micki/Rose bodyguard, in front of this SCREAMING SIGN after all.
We see a jealous Micki/Rose with the cat claws up. Ready to rip Jenny/Letty from the stage, any chance he gets. Javier finally finds the money inside the wigs of the mannequins. “I hope that bustier is bulletproof. Otherwise, you’re going to die in it.” Micki/Rose to Letty. Does Micki/Rose have a sixth sense? Javier gets the money. He confirms it to Letty.
Dumb and Dumber 2. Should I just call them the Tarzan twins? “We searched everywhere. A ton of guns. No money, sir.” All while our favorite Rhonda Lashever was watching on and with a big Cheshire smile on her face, laughing. “They’re hiring mall cops. I wouldn’t list me as a reference.” – Rhonda Lashever.
Letty goes and pays Steven his cut of the deal, 50k!
She calls her Mom. All she wanted to know was if she was picking Jacob up from Sean’s. Javier says “You sounded good. I like this you too.”
I think Javier was trying to say in his own way. “I Love you too.”
Good Behavior You Could Discover Me Random Musings:

  • EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCES by Michelle Dockery, Juan Diego-Botto, Anna Dowd, Terry Kinney, Maria Botto, Joey Kern, Lusia Strus, Juan Riedinger, Wallace Langham.
  • @TheGingerMinj, @foxxyroxywood and @SHARON_NEEDLES you ladies were SO fantastic and SO hilarious in this episode! Take a BOW!
  • Finally, we are getting more pieces to the puzzle. Ava, poor and precious Hermana. Is not so much after all. I’m thinking she got Teo (her lover) to kill Silk. Javier knows too much and possibly, his numero is up now too. Papi may have wanted him muerte. Now add another person to the list…
  • Do you think Javier caught a clue about Letty being in love with him? (I certainly think he did.) How will their relationship be going forward? Tune into see!
  • Loving the comedic banter Ann Dowd brings as Agent Lashever.

I hope you enjoyed my review for Good Behavior: You Could Discover Me. Until Next week! Enjoy everyone.