Interview with Bill Kelly

So this was a privilege to be able to interview Bill Kelly from the TV Series Mr. Mercedes which I review! For those who don’t know Bill Kelly plays the role as one of the police officers on the series and he does a great job of it too.

Q 1) When you were the first cast to appear in the series Mr. Mercedes, were you excited?

“Absolutely! This was a project that I had been hearing about, but never imagined I would have a shot at it. I was thrilled when my agent told me I had gotten the part!”

Q 2) Before acting for the two episodes on the Mr. Mercedes series, did you do any preparations for the role? (example: watched Cops, etc.)

“I went fishing a lot! I think it helped! I caught more that day on set than I have in real life!”

Q 3) Did you ever read the Stephen King book trilogy that inspired the series Mr. Mercedes?

“Yes, I did! It was amazing, as is pretty much everything Stephen King writes! I’m trying to find the time to start the second book.”

Q 4) How excited were you to learn the Mr. Mercedes series had been renewed for Season 2?

“Hearing the news was great, but I didn’t have any doubts that it would be. It is such an amazing series!”

Q 5) Do you know if you will be back for acting in Mr. Mercedes?

“No idea. I would love to be a part of it, that’s for sure!”

Q 6) Do you know if the Mr. Mercedes series is within the shared Stephen King Universe that all the movies apparently are a part of? Or are the King movies the only ones in the shared universe?

(Not really sure of this question)
Which is an okay answer cause not every actor would know that info but I would hope that it is a part of it though!

Q 7) Not related to Mr. Mercedes but, if you ever could act in any Stephen King movie, which movie would it be and why?

“I would have to say “Pet Sematary”, by FAR! I loved the original! It scared the crap outta me! “IT” would have been cool, too!”

Q 8) Do you have any favorite moments from being on set of Mr. Mercedes?

“Chatting with Brendan Gleeson before we started shooting. He is an incredible actor and a very pleasant person.”

Q 9) If you could choose to spend a night on the town with any actor or actress from the Mr. Mercedes series who would it be and why?

“Probably Brendan Gleeson. He and I would probably be closer to liking the same things.”

Q 10) Last question because I know you’re really busy and have a lot to do, for those who haven’t watched Mr. Mercedes Season 1 yet, what is your message to them?

“Ya might wanna hold on to something. This is gonna be one intense ride!”