The Flash (S04E06) "When Harry Met Harry…"

Okay this episode was interesting and hilarious in some areas of the episode but I found it interesting that Warner Bros chose to do another gender swap for a DC Comics comic book character. Which is interesting but I do approve of this gender swap especially when its a native american superhero; but we will get more to that in a little bit.
So with this episode we met another meta human created from the bus but one that can control inanimate objects, mainly statues. This meta human is known as Mina aka Black Bison (Chelsea Kurtz) now this character is gender swapped from the comics. Black Bison when brought into the comics was always a male but for the series they chose to make Bison a female which I dig the swap it really does work out well for the series. And actress Chelsea Kurtz does really well channeling her inner Native American side for the character especially since the character is full on Native American you kinda have to channel that side of you if you want to play it well. But its the second villain that they have chosen to gender swap now in the comics Black Bison used to be known as Black Cloud in Morning which then changed his name to John. John was a teacher who fell in love with a nurse but that was short lived when his great grandfather was dying and wanted him to have the magical talisman that gave him the great abilities to control the Black Bison Cult. Eventually Black Bison became one of the most hated super-villains of all time, even Superman wanted to kill Black Bison at one point. But I am glad that they did bring the character into the series and I hope we see a whole lot more of her soon.
We also got Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) training to be a superhero which at first wasn’t going so well, he literally shot a guy with his own bullets. At first he shoots the robber in his leg and then shoots the guy in his ass. I mean with a guy who can stretch any body part we should know that bullets would deflect off his skin. Which is hilarious but not to that robber. We then had another attempt where Ralph just doesn’t listen to Barry (Grant Gustin) because he just doesn’t trust Barry. Which is stupid cause Barry has been at this for 4 years and has a ton of experience.
With me being a dinosaur fan, I’m literally always happy when they bring in dinosaurs and they did skeleton wise thanks to Black Bison’s ability which was just awesome. And the animation on that skeletal figure was amazing!
Might I also add, Harry (Tom Cavanagh) was quite hilarious in this episode. Tom Cavanagh in general was hilarious; we saw different versions of Harrison Wells we saw a cyborg, a german, a rich greedy Wells, and Wells the Great which looked a lot like Gandalf the Grey and that made me dying laughing.
With the last moments of the episode we saw Clifford Devoe (Neil Sandilands) out of his thinker suit but something doesn’t seem right with Barry. He seems like he knows Devoe, but from where and how? I guess we will see next week!
Next Episode: The Flash(S04E07): “Therefore I Am” airs Tuesday November 21, 2017 at 8/7c on The CW