The Walking Dead (S08E04) "Some Guy"

This episode we witness The Kingdom take it’s first major hit, and it’s a heartbreaking one.  Nearly all  the knights that went with King Ezekiel are mowed down by saviors at an outpost with 50 cal machine guns the Saviors want to take back to the Sanctuary to finish off Rick and the Hilltop.  Fortunately, Carole, Jerry, and the King might have something to say about that.
King Ezekiel is captured by a Savior hoping to use him to get back into the Sanctuary.  Jerry saves the King at the last minute, but are set upon by a herd of walkers.  The King is injured, and can’t escape.  He tells Jerry not to call him the King anymore, but Jerry, with his usual flare, says, “Dude, I have to.”  He and Ezekiel are backed up to a fence at the compound where Carole and the Saviors are battling over the 50 cals that just took out the Knights of the Kingdom and she’s desperately trying to keep them from making their way to Rick at the Sanctuary.
She again proves what a force she is to be reckoned with by taking out most of the Saviors that were at this outpost.  Unfortunately, before she can get the guns and kill all of them, she sees the King and Jerry fighting a hoard at the gate of the compound.  She has to choose between getting the guns and saving the king.  She saves the king.  However, Rick and Daryl somehow manage to track down the truck with the Saviors in it and mows them down, saving the guns any way.

In one of the most heartbreaking deaths of the season, Shiva makes the ultimate sacrifice for the king, and she gets taken out by a herd of walkers so he, Carol, and Jerry can escape.  Luckily, the producers save us from actually seeing her get ripped apart, instead just showing us her blood pouring out into the creek.  At that point, Ezekiel has a break down, telling Jerry and Carole to leave him, that he’s just “some guy.”  They refuse, and take him back to the Kingdom.  The final shot is a long shot of him walking away from the new widows and hobbling toward his rooms.
What did you guys think of the episode?  What was the most heart stopping moment for you?  The most heart breaking?  Comment down below.