How to Get Away With Murder (S04E08) “Live, Live, Love”

Ok folks, time for the mid season finale. We all know that means suspense, blood, answers and then more questions. The usual fare from HTGAWM, ratcheted up a few notches.
As storylines converge we see all players brought into the circle. Connor storms to Laurel’s after Oliver’s confession to him. My chest hurt watching Connor give Oliver back the twisty tie ring. I want happiness so much for these two. Connor is furious when the door opens to reveal that Oliver had called ahead and everyone is there to meet him. He shouts “are you going to tie me up like we did Rebecca?” Laurel shows just how far down this path she’s gone with her answer of “Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that.”
We see Annalise headed home, presumably after her talk with Isaac. The elevator doors open to reveal Bonnie waiting for her. Bonnie tells Annalise, “I was hurt and I wanted you to hurt.” She also confesses that she’s the one who told the AG to our Isaac on the stand, and even tries to take credit for Annalise getting her certification back. I’m super creeped out by her confession of love. This is definitely obsession not affection. There is some serious stalker vibe just pouring off of Bonnie. Annalise obviously feels the same, she tells Bonnie that’s she’s scared of her and threatens to call the police.
We get a brief look at Isaac angrily confronting his ex-wife during this exchange. He excuses of her of being jealous, not letting him go. He thinks she sees him with another strong, attractive women and can’t handle it. His ex-wife, making perfect sense says, “the fact that you’re bringing up how close you are to Annalise speaks volumes about YOU, not me.” She’s completely spot on. This therapist/patient relationship is all kinds of unhealthy. Not to mention unethical.
Back with the conspirators, Connor is threatening to tell Annalise. He’s livid, yelling at everyone before focusing in on Frank. Frank loses it and has to be pulled off of Connor. During this exchange we see an accidental glancing blow to Laurel. Some serious anger issues that I hope Laurel will address before trying to raise a kid with him. Laurel, queen of the guilt trip, uses that, this time on Connor. I understand she’s hurting and angry, but seeing Connor crying after she brings up his failed attempt to revive Wes is devastating. I was really wishing in this moment to see Oliver step in and defend him but no. Connor agrees to help, as long as he and Asher go along to supervise.
It’s finally the night of the C&G party and everyone looks fabulous. And can I say – Asher is the perfect plus 1, he hits all the right notes with Tegan. Well, that is until he makes a comment about her purse not matching her dress in a very clumsy attempt to get her keycard.
I’m loving Tegan tonight, she’s just so fantastic!! I loved her line to Michaela, “time to let the board kiss my ass for once.” I’m so glad to see a kick ass, independent woman who is so sure of herself. So often these types of women are portrayed as bullying or bitchy, but she’s smart, capable and a good mentor to Michaela. I really don’t want to see her caught up in any of the backlash.
While Frank is planting evidence at Simon’s House we see an intriguing look back and forth between Laurel and Annalise. Both ladies are emotionally torn, with Annalise hearing Bonnie’s voice and Isaac’s alternately, and Laurel hearing a replay of everyone who’s tried to talk her out of this insane revenge plan. Laurel’s introspection is interrupted by a phone call from an unknown number. Annalise seems to make a decision, decisively walking out the door. She heads straight to Isaac’s where they have a heart to heart about continuing her therapy.
Bonnie shows up at Nate’s and she spends the rest of the show there, not really worth revisiting, except for this exchange:
Bonnie: “how did you get over her (Annalise)”
Nate: “I’ll tell you when I do”
*cue my happy sighing lol.
At the C&G party Simon finds Oliver to confess that he has feelings for him. And if y’all didn’t see that coming I don’t even know what to tell you. Oliver is touched, he goes back to the conspiring group and tells them that they need to stop. They can’t frame the Gay DACA kid! Asher agrees, but Michaela puts her foot down. They’re finishing this. The circle is complete when Laurel shows up (how did she get into this party with no escort?!) to make sure they follow through.
The plan seems to be going awry, Connor loses his nerve – or gets his mind back depending on how you feel – and calls Annalise, “Laurel’s father killed Wes. Now everyone is at Caplan and Gold trying to bankrupt him.” Can you even imagine being Annalise and that’s what you’d hear. I’d lose my mind all over those kids.
Michaela is finally able to trick Tegan into handing over her purse by using a pretty simple line, “No male partner would ever give a speech holding their purse.” Simple because it’s true, and also so dang unfortunate. Tegan knows that she has to fight to be viewed the same as male partners, even when tonight is about her success. She hands the purse over and our team is off. Michaela gives Asher the keycard, he takes it to Laurel and Oliver.
Simon is suspicious, he knows Michaela too well and recognizes her nervous face. He confronts her and I had to laugh at her response, “I might want to cut a bitch but I can’t because I’m at a work function.” Even rattled, Michaela is awesome.
After successfully downloading the information that will (hopefully) bring down Laurel’s dad, the team convinces Oliver to place the keycard on Simon. As he is busy tracking down Simon, Oliver gets a call from Connor to let him know that Annalise has been contacted. Oliver bursts into the office, ready to warn Laurel, Michaela and Asher when he sees blood all over Laurel and Michaela. He rounds the desk and screams. And cue commercial. Aaahh!
We come back to directly before Oliver shows up, Laurel, Michaela and Asher are arguing about setting up Simon. Simon was of course listening around the corner and confronts the three. Laurel offers to pay him off but Simon grabs her purse instead. He reaches in and yanks out a gun! That shocked me, I wasn’t expecting that at all!! Naturally he freaks out, waving the gun around, then, just as he’s about to hand it over he trips, BAM. Shoots himself in the head. Asher, who has been the reasonable one, acts like an idiot and leans down to pick up the gun. Have you learned NOTHING?! Here comes Oliver, yikes. Michaela sends Laurel away so that her dad won’t suspect anything and to get the hard drive out of the building. She makes some attempt to wipe Asher prints off the gun and off the ground next to Simon. But seriously, finding no prints on the gun is going to make the police just as suspicious y’all.
Annalise has called Frank, yelling at him for putting another pregnant woman in danger, a totally reasonable thing to be angry about. When she gets home she hears screaming and we find out that Laurel is stuck in her elevator. This was a terrible scene to watch. Laurel seeing blood first dripping, then gushing out of her. Panicking and none of the elevators controls working. Karla Souza showed off some impeccable acting here, slowly despairing and fading into unconsciousness. Utterly heartbreaking. And let’s talk about Viola Davis, who is always amazing but was at her absolute best last night. Her desperation to break into the elevator and save Laurel was palpable. When she sees the baby laying there, that look on her face made my stomach clench. Annalise begging, “live, live, live” as she performed CPR on the baby was nothing less than stellar.
It’s during this attempt at saving the baby’s life that we see Doctors struggling to do the same for Simon. Things don’t look good as he’s shocked repeatedly with a d-fib. Odds aren’t good that he lives.
To add more danger into their lives we see Connor ranting on the phone to Oliver about how the whole plan was stupid. Laurel’s least favorite henchman, and probably Wes’s killer, overhears everything. Nightmare.
A single baby cry and cut to black. Hope lives in Annalise’s world.
Image @howtogetawayABC