The Gifted (S01E07) “eXtreme measures”

Monday night’s episode saw our main group split up, for the most part, allowing a few subplots to be explored. By far the most interesting was that of Blink and ThunderBird. The pair set off to find the mysterious road that Clarice kept opening portals to when she was ill. Slowly we begin to uncover why she is so guarded and stubborn; she was an orphan at a young age because of her awakened mutant ability.

This explains the majority of the choices that Clarice has made throughout the season. It would be hard enough to be just coming into her powers, but to then deal with the pain of being abandoned because of who you are, it’s no wonder she is so standoffish. Her tragic past is one that many people can empathize with, as broken homes are far too common in today’s world. Luckily for Clarice the home she did end up in was with a caring couple, but that is sadly rarely the outcome for many children.
While the duo is successful in discovering that the road leads to Blink’s foster home, it is heartbreakingly revealed that Sentinel killed and captured all those who were there. Not only does this show how ruthless Sentinel can be, but this becomes the catalyst for Clarice to finally fully join the cause. She understandably vows revenge, but we will see how far she is willing to go to exact it.

The rest of the episode was slightly lackluster, but we did get to see Eclipse go back to his dark roots and how Polaris reacted. He made a bad situation worse by lying, which is something he should have known was not going to fly with Lorna. Needless to say, it did not go over well for him, as she definitely has a short temper and is not afraid to show it.

The last point to note of the episode was the mention of Trask Industries. For those who may not have seen the movies, Trask was a big bad back in the day who caused a lot of complications for mutants and their rights. Whether this is just an Easter egg or foreshadowing is unclear at this point, but we can hope more answers are to come as the season continues.