The Punisher (S01E01) "3 AM"

With this being the first episode it had to deliver quite a lot and it sure did! I can see this series doing so well for its first season already with there being everything that we were wanting from the pages of the comics to the screen. We get blood shed, we get gun action, we get everything we need in a Punisher series here on Netflix!
So with this first episode we pretty much started off right after Daredevil Season 2 where Frank Castle/Punisher (Jon Bernthal) is hunting down all the names of the cartel that got away during his hunt for them in Daredevil season 2. Which there weren’t that many that got away only a few. Frank made it his mission to hunt them down no matter where they were. He traveled down to Alabama, and he traveled to New Mexico cause a US citizen can’t cross into Mexico to hunt people down so he used his Marine training to take care of that cartel person. The last of the cartel was the money manager who died in a bathroom at an airport. I mean of all the places to die that has to be the worst! After Frank finished his mission he took the Punisher skull tactical vest and burned it thinking his mission is done and he doesn’t need to do the job anymore.
Six months thinking that he did the right thing, he changed his name to Pete Castleview which is the most made up name that even sounds ridiculous. But after months of him not doing the job no matter what his past comes back to haunt him. Frank continuously has nightmares about about the day his wife Maria (Kelli Barrett), his daughter Lisa (Nicolette Pierini) and his son Frank Jr. (Aidan Brennan) all got murdered in front of his eyes. Haunted by these nightmares makes him refuse to sleep which is why he continuously destroys different walls at the construction site he works at. During his time working there he starts befriending a man named Donny (Lucca De Oliveira) who sees through Frank’s disguise but doesn’t want to bother him about it. He only wants to try to understand the guy he sees always destroying blocks of concrete everyday making piles of rebel all throughout the site. When Donny goes on about how he came to New York after his parents died from a “car accident” Frank starts having more and more flashbacks about his families death.
When Frank sees Donny getting into trouble with Lance (Chris Critelli) and Rawlins (Paul Shulze) having to do a job outside of the construction business. When they bring in Donny they think its a great idea. But when Donny messes up on the job and reveals to a mob boss his driver’s license that fell out of his pocket. When the job went sideways Frank over heard what they are planning to do to Donny. So once again the Punisher dusts off his old skills and goes to work killing Lance and Rawlins throwing their bodies into the wet cement, saving Donny leaving a note for him and his grandmother to leave town as soon as possible. And with that Frank takes the only pistol he has and goes to work killing the mob boss and his lackeys that were all going to go kill Donny, Frank killed them all. And now this detective Dinah Madani (Amber Revah) will now be on Frank’s case trying to prove The Punisher is not dead; and I’m pretty sure once the police find that gruesome massacre they will know The Punisher is still alive!
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