Van Helsing (S02E07) "Everything Changes"

This episode was literally a fantastic episode, but like always we are left with questions and curiosity. I’m sure we will be getting those answers soon enough like how we always do. But of course I am so hoping that we get this series renewed cause we all need a whole lot of Van Helsing in our lives. This series like how I’ve said again and I’ll always say it again and again it gets so much better with every single episode!
In this episode we got a chance to see a small part of Dimitri (Paul Johansson) past which I found really interesting. It seems like he lasted through weeks maybe a month of torture before someone chose to help him escape, but who? I know Dimitri said that Vanessa”s (Kelly Overton) mother had a part to play but I doubt he’s telling the truth. Because why would Vanessa’s mother have a part to play in his escape when the two of them are mortal enemies? I guess we will get our answers for that soon enough.
We then get a very badass team up with Vanessa and Scarlet (Missy Peregrym) taking on Dimitri’s vampire forces. But with the forces being way too many for both to handle, Vanessa takes measures into her own hands by consuming Scarlet’s blood to get stronger. Vanessa went full berserker mode and chopped through those forces; but I’m pretty sure Scarlet is going to have many questions for Vanessa. Which all I can say is that when Vanessa went full on berserker mode for those moments I was really happy to see her go full throttle that was just amazing and awesome!
With Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) being back as human it was good to see this version of him back. Cause Vampire Axel was just his douche side which we all hated and when he became a better person we all loved him. Even though I really thought he had died during that little moment and then boom he was back to life and shocked that he was buried alive. I mean I would be too if I was in his shoes! But it was good to see Axel and Vanessa back together all thanks to Doc (Rukiya Bernard).
Now for Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) he didn’t look too good when we saw him on this episode. It seems like his wounds are not getting any better and I have a strong feeling that something really bad is going to happen to him now that Vampire Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) has taken him. But its weird that Sam didn’t even hurt Lucky (Andrea Ware) I mean wasn’t his M.O. before always hurting and killing women. Maybe he doesn’t see Lucky as beautiful but thats nonsense shes truly beautiful and caring! But now the question is what will Sam do to Mohammad?
And at the end of the episode we saw Doc, Axel, Julius (Aleks Paunovic), and Vanessa being taken by the government. But what do these people want with Vanessa? With our heroes taken it’s all up to Scarlet (Missy Peregrym) to take action and re-find her sister once again. Which I can see this being a routine thing with some future episodes like sometimes it being Vanessa having to save Scarlet or Scarlet having to save Vanessa and company. And I’m sure Scarlet will find her sister again, maybe while doing so hone in on some of her new found abilities and accept them.
This episode was literally a great episode and I loved every moment of it, I sure hope you all loved it too! Until next time sadly we have to wait for two Thursdays cause of Thanksgiving being next week!
Next Episode: Van Helsing(S02E08): “Big Mama” airs Thursday November 30, 2017 at 9/8c on Syfy