Interview with Havana Guppy: Hulu’s Shut Eye

Vancouver native Havana Guppy has always known that her place was going to be on screen. Fueled by her father, she has spent her young life training to do a job that she loves. All that hard work seems to be paying off, because she will be coming back as Drina in Hulu’s Shut Eye as a full time cast member when the show returns December 6th. I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask some questions to this talented young woman whose star is definitely on the rise.

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Havana Guppy (Photographed by James Branaman)

Stacey Maynard: Congratulations on being promoted to series regular this season, were you surprised by the news?
Havana Guppy: Thank you! I didn’t expect it at all. Once I got the call from my agent telling me the news, I was jumping up and down all day. I immediately called all of my family members and told them. They were just as excited as me.

SM: What do we have to look forward to with Drina this season?
HG: In this next season, the audience will get a better understanding of Drina, and see her in a new light. Drina starts to show the strength she has, that others may not have seen before.

SM: You got bit by the acting bug pretty early, was there ever a time that you didn’t want to be an actress?
HG: I’ve always wanted to be an actress, but there have definitely been some times where I doubted myself. Throughout years of training hard, while booking nothing, I’d ask myself if I should even go on. But deep down inside me, I knew I could never give up. I just love what I do too much.

SM: You work with a pretty talented ensemble on Shut Eye, but your grandmother is played by the legendary Isabella Rossellini. What does it mean for you to work with (and even learn from) someone of this caliber?
HG: Working with Isabella was amazing. I learnt so much from working alongside her. She really helped me grow as an actress in this industry. I feel so privileged to have been able to work with her.
SM:  Who are your role models, both in the arts and in general?
HG: Isabella Rossellini has definitely become my role model. Everything about her is captivating. She’s a phenomenal actress, and also so kind to everyone around her. I aspire to be like her one day. In general, I’d have to say, my dad. He’s very passionate about the arts as well, and he’s lived a life doing things he’s loved. Whether he was playing drums or painting. It shows that you can support yourself doing things you’re passionate about.

SM: Are there any other projects that you are working on right now?
HG: Currently I’m busy auditioning and having fun back home with my family and friends.
SM: Where does your greatest inspiration come from?
HG: My greatest inspiration comes from great movies or moments in movies. Whenever I feel truly touched by an amazing performance or film, it makes me want to evoke those same emotions.

SM: How is your off time spent?
HG: My off time lately has been spending time with my family, friends, and boyfriend who I had missed so much while I was in LA. I’m enjoying being back home in Vancouver.

SM: Favourite social media platform?
HG: My favourite social media platform has to be Instagram. I really love sharing photos. I think it’s so much more personal than a tweet or a status on Facebook.

SM: Last song downloaded and/or favorite new music in general?
HG: I’ve been listening to a lot of Alt-J and Arcade Fire lately. I really love both of those bands’ music.

SM: Any advice to young actors breaking into the acting business?
HG: I’d tell them to not let anything stop them from doing what they love. And to always stay true to yourself. There will be some people that will try to change you, or tell you who you are. Just ignore them and keep being you.

Thanks so much to the talented Havana Guppy for taking the time to chat with us! Follow her on social media here: Twitter & Instagram Hulu’s Shut Eye kicks off their second season on December 6th!