Interview with Joey Thurmond

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Joey Thurmond is one of those actors that you might not know his name right away but you certainly know who he is when you see him because he’s been in a little bit of everything. From the wrestling ring (with WCW) to the big top (as a clown) Joey proves that acting is acting no matter the stage! Currently guest starring on CW’s Valor, Joey took some time from his busy schedule to answer some questions for us!
Stacey Maynard: You have worn several different hats (clown/police officer/pro wrestler) before becoming an actor. Tell me a little bit about how that evolved?
Joey Thurmond: I think that in essence all of the hats I’ve worn has involved acting in one way or another. As a pro wrestler I was acting but, in a very athletic theater, as a police officer I had to be able to change my persona, and attitude, etc. As a clown I had to be able to pull people into my world usually unspoken and invoke emotions from the viewer. So, I feel that acting has truly taught me, and I have learned to use it in many facets.
SM: Of all the different avenues you gone down is there one that you love more or are they all pretty much equal?
JT: I feel that I have always learned from each one, that helps to benefit the next. You really wouldn’t think that being a clown could help in being a police officer but, I can tell you that a good laugh at just the right time in a stressful situation can literally be a life saver.
SM: I read that you own a circus? How does one go from the big top to the big (& small) screen?
JT: I did own a circus. I really learned how to run a business having that show. I literally built it from the ground up on a shoestring budget. Again, I think that performing is performing. Who doesn’t love getting lost in a story? Whether its circus, a tv show, or movie, when we are able to escape our reality good or bad and live out a fantasy its exciting. It is such an honor to be a part of giving that type of therapy to others. The fact that people watch my work and trust me with their valuable free time is truly humbling.
SM: Anything you can tell us about your Valor character Captain Griffin?
JT: Captain Griffin is part of the elite Army Shadow Raiders Airborne Unit. He works in Mission Control and operates an observation drone.
SM: Any spoilers you can let go of?
JT: There are no particular spoilers I can talk about but, I can tell you that the excitement level increases with each episode. We learn more and more about each character at every turn and the writing gets much more intense as the story unfolds.
SM: Your background seems a little more geared towards comedy, how is it working on the set of Valor?
JT: I love comedy! I feel that laughter is truly the medicine for the soul. Being on set is wonderful. Its absolutely one of the most fun sets I have ever worked. There truly is a feeling of family among both cast and crew.
SM: What other projects are you working on at the moment?
JT: At the moment I am working on several projects. Two new series, one is Mistakes and Monsters and another, My Brother’s Blood. I was just cast in a new film CowForYa and have two others that are in pre-production. Projects that are about to release that I have worked on are BET Tales “All I Need”, Pitch Perfect 3, Dolly and Otto, and others.
SM: Who are your greatest influences both in acting and in life?
JT: My greatest influence period is Jesus Christ. The absolute and ultimate display of the strongest thing we will ever know, love. My parents have always supported and encouraged me to reach for the stars while at the same time loving others as openly as possible.
I had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside Mr. Sam Rockwell this past summer on an upcoming movie called Best of Enemies. I really learned a lot from him. He made an impact on how I approach my career.
SM: How is your time spent away from set?
JT: I spend a lot of time taking care of the business side of acting. There are two words to this “Show Business”. Anyone who is going to be successful in this industry has to be diligent at both the show and the business. Aside from that I really enjoy spending time with family. I enjoy being outside. Almost anything outdoors is fine with me.
SM: Are you a binge watcher? If so, what? And if not, what do you watch?
JT: I really don’t get a lot of time to watch much but, when I do I really enjoy the classics. Older black and white shows and movies, and old style hand drawn cartoons. I’m a bit of a romantic. There’s just something special about sitting by a fire cuddled up under a blanket with someone special with the lights low watching a classic movie and getting lost in a wonderful story. I love the romance of seeing the old style costumes and methods.
Many thanks to Joey Thurmond for chatting with us and answering our questions! Check out Joey’s extensive filmography by heading over to his IMDB page: