NCISNOLA (S04E08) "Sins of the Father"

Danny Malloy,  (Christopher Meyer) Loretta’s son arrives via trolly, with a large bouquet of flowers. He enters a home & calls out for Emily. No answer. He’s then attacked & tumbles down a flight of stairs. He sees a woman. The prep is gone & the woman is dead. He calls Pride! 
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Police are everywhere & Danny’s reprimanded for not calling 911, before calling Pride.  Loretta arrives, pissed he’s been in town a whole day without calling.  “What am I, 12?!” 😁 was too cute #mamaplease 
Lauren Danskin, Emily’s roommate  is dead.  Nothing was taken & the vic was tortured. The door was kicked in; such force. Why?  
Loretta takes Danny to the hospital for stitches. He tells his mom, he met Emily in February @ Madri Gras. He loves her, although he doesnt know much of anything about her. Wade’s eyes widen! #mamalove. 
Patton’s @ his mom’s and not on campus tonight.  It was good to hear this. Explanations for absences are always welcomed! *coughpercycough* This puts Sebastian on a cyber & facial recognition search to try & find Emily.   
He finds, Emily Birch (Emily Kimball) didn’t exist prior to one month ago!  #rutroh & right here, I knew where this was going.  
Dr Cristo (Nina Lisandrello) from Telegraph Rd; BAU, Headquarters, comes to see Pride, with a demand, not a request.  
Sidebar: is Patton “visiting his mom” because DrCisto’s here? #budgetcuts #followthemoney. 
Although his professional record is spotless, he has a problem. What drives him to take cases so personal?! They fear he’ll self destruct.  She’s there to discuss his process. He’s officially in therapy.
Emily is caught on video, outside her job. She was abducted there & never made it home. So why is the door kicked in & the murder of her roomie?  #amessage
Danny returns to the hub, anxious & annoying; eager that they do something to find his girl or he will!  Dwayne? He goes for air & runs off after he gets a text from Emily.
And of course  (as I suspected) we find, The United States Marshalls picked up and have Emily. She’s witsec. #witnessprotection.  She’s to testify in a very big case for a very dangerous man.
However, now Danny’s in trouble. He finds Emily, in a safe house and so do the killers. They kill the Marshalls,  Danny hides Emily & he runs to decoy. He’ s caught & taken #hotmess
Malcolm Donner (Jason Downs) is the bad guy. He’s a Chemical Weapons dealer & all around terror. Another set of Marshalls take Emily  & won’t help Danny.  Nothing personal; Emily’s their priority.
Loretta lights into Dwayne, “He’s just like you!” In the vain of being a surrogate, his male image, mentor & role model, she’s right!  Here are “the sins of the Father” “Get him back!” She demands.
To do this, King goes roque, solo… again! But not before he gets a pictext of Danny beaten. They want Emily or Danny dies. 
King goes to Dallas (he drove!) & lures Carsen Donner, (Austin Cauldwell) the criminal’s kid, outside. They fight  (Carsen got skills) Dwayne finally gets the upper & ties up Carsen.  He’s secured in a place, where I  still can’t tell you !
Pride continues to beat Carsen and promises, “Danny dies, You die!”
He takes a picture of  his handiwork & 
goes to Donner.  He’s prepared to trade #cowboy.
The trade is set in an open field. Donner stares him down, in pissosity. #hellamad He’s quiet, cold & waits for the exchange
With Danny secure, he wants to see Emily, immediately!  And Pride complies; leading Donner right to his target.
Pride has this revelation, of “what’ s up” just before they’re pinned down. He apologizes to Danny. #trapped #nowayout  All he can do is hold him close, in an attempt to cover him with his body. 😔😣 
They’re saved by the team, who’s also figured it out, minutes before “the end” #calvery.  🎺
And so Pride lived, another day; yet he had a revelation. He lost himself again and it almost cost him family. #sinsofthefather 
He goes to see Cristo.  She’s glad to see him. HQ is concerned in light of what just happened is he!
It was a good one. 👌👍#familyaffair
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