The Punisher (S01E02) "Two Dead Men"

Okay second episode we got a bit more details about why Frank/Punisher (Jon Bernthal) is having this Dinah Madani (Amber Revah) come hunting down Frank. I mean at first I was just thinking cause she had a hunch that he faked his death and wanted to just bring him down for the hell of it. But now I’m understanding that it’s more than that. She is after revenge. We also got a big look at Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) which I found it to be interesting.
So in this episode we were introduced to Micro, you know the character Skye/Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet) mentioned back in season 1 of Agents of Shield. Yeah that guy, we finally got a hand on who he is and what happened to him after helping Skye with the Rising Tide hacktivist group all those years ago. So with Micro aka David Lieberman after he helped Rising Tide during the first season run with Agents of Shield, he went into hiding after finding out that members of the government were after him. Well reports about his death were faked of course otherwise I wouldn’t be mentioning this character in this review.
Frank gets a call from Micro about him having evidence over someone who knows about what happened to his family and has answers to knowing why someone needed him dead. When Frank got that call he immediately goes to Karen (Deborah Woll) to try to see if she can find out answers for Frank. When Karen gives Frank the info he finds out agent Carson Wolf was involved with the death of Micro. When Frank goes to investigate Micro’s wife Sarah (Jaime Newman) all he sees is a woman who misses her husband and she has nothing to hide. When he asked her what would you do if he ever came walking through that door, he was satisfied with her answer.
Frank then goes to Carson Wolf (C.Thomas Howell) only to find out through interrogation that Carson was the one who arranged for the massacre at the festival to happen so that no one would ever second guess a death that day. But thats not what happened, instead the plan went south and many casualties were made. When Carson found out that it was Frank interrogating him he tries killing Frank but Frank gets the jump on him again and snaps his neck. Honestly it was just an honor to have C.Thomas Howell in these two episodes he is one hell of an actor.
We also got light on Dinah, that she wants revenge on Frank because of what he did to Ahmad (Shez Sardar) back in Kandahar during Frank’s time as a Marine. Finally Frank arranges to meet with Micro to talk with him face to face. Frank has Micro driving all over the city by Frank’s locations that he said. When Micro goes to every location he finally comes face to face hoping it is with Frank, but instead its with Curtis (Jason Moore) telling him that Frank wasn’t going to be meeting with him today because he doesn’t trust him. When Micro gets back to his base of operations, we find out Frank has been in his trunk this whole time and comes out to interrogate Micro.
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