The Punisher (S01E03) "Kandahar"

So with this episode we got a special look into the Frank’s (Jon Bernthal) life when he was in the life of the Marines. Especially during the time when he was in Kandahar and what happened with that mission that went wrong. I find it interesting especially with Micro that we get more info about him and what his objectives are with Frank now in these days.
We start with this episode with Frank questioning Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) only to be interrupted by the place possibly going boom if Micro doesn’t put in the code and do the retinal scan. Which left Frank having to leave Micro alive. We also get through a flash back on Micro when he was with his family on the day the special forces team of the government came to take him in. Instead Micro went on the run only to be hunted down in a park by Carson Wolf (C. Thomas Howell) who was the one who shot Micro and hoped he had died but the fall nor the bullet killed him. But everyone else was to believe that he was killed that day and if he returns to his family they will all be killed.
So with Micro staying in hiding he counts him and Frank in the same boat only Frank doesn’t have anyone to return home too. But it is true that the two are considered as dead men for the time being. But I honestly feel like Micro could be the series version of beloved character Benny that we know from the comics. I mean that would be awesome to have Micro as Frank’s guy in the chair and not worry about bringing in Benny to the series that way Micro and Frank will always be the two that they can count on. I mean they came to a truce with this episode on how they will work together which is good because now we will get Micro as this series version as Benny which is just awesome!
Like I’ve been a fan of Punisher for a very long time and all I can really say is Jon Bernthal does a phenomenal job bringing this loved character to life. And it goes for what I’ve seen of him on these three episodes as well as Daredevil. And he has done great for all of it! And I can see this series definitely getting at least two or more seasons!
With us being taken back to the events of Kandahar we see that it was because of the CIA that made Frank, his best friend Billy (Ben Barnes), and his friend Curtis (Jason Moore) be set up to believing that there was a target to kill in Kandahar but really there wasn’t any such target. Instead the CIA turned all who were good soldiers in the Marines and turned them into hit men! Which is just wrong, because it goes against protocol or I believe it does to have soldiers do the CIA’s dirty work. But during that time the CIA also had Frank and his forces interrogate and record the interrogation of Ahamd (Shez Sardar) after the interrogation; Frank helped bury the body and took the bullet out in case anyone found the body they wouldn’t blame U.S. soldiers for it. Which was smart even though the rest of his team didn’t think so. This third episode was a fantastic one and if you haven’t started watching this series yet you better!
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