The Punisher (S01E04) "Resupply"

This episode was really good and we got to see a familiar face surface at the beginning of the episode too but I will get to that in a little bit. So the more these episodes run I start wondering what Billy’s (Ben Barnes) agenda is with his company that he calls Anvil? We also started seeing a beginning towards Frank (Jon Bernthal) and Micro’s (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) partnership begin with this episode and I have to say this is going to definitely be a good partnership for both of them or at least thats my opinion.
So in the beginning we saw Frank question Turk (Rob Morgan) who we all know him from the other series like Luke Cage and Daredevil. And it was good to see him back in this series to be known as some kind of gun and grenade seller but the intel was wrong and left Frank mad. But Micro didn’t realize until this episode how much the two of them need each other.
I am also really curious in if this kid Lewis (Daniel Webber) will become some kind of villain in the series. Like it seems with the misfortunes he’s had with Curtis (Jason Moore) and now with Billy (Ben Barnes) it seems like Lewis has the making of becoming some kind of villain that would go after both Billy and Curtis which then would then bring him into Frank’s eyes and make Frank punish Lewis for going wrong.
It also looks like the partnership was already questioned between Frank and Micro but in any superhero partnership its always questioned with the guy who stays in the chair and doesn’t get his hands dirty. Frank and Micro also went car shopping but I feel like they should’ve shopped for a van instead of cars. I mean we need the battle van, and I’m sure micro will create something incredible but for the mean time I guess getting different cars would be alright!
Homeland Security is literally going to be a pain in the ass for Frank I can see it now, especially with agent  Dinah Madani (Amber Revah). I mean she almost had Frank and Micro this episode and it would’ve sucked if Frank would’ve gotten caught during just the fourth episode you know. I mean he needs to be on the streets, to be vigilant against the forces of evil. That statement made him almost sound like a superhero. But luck came in and Micro saved Frank by hitting Madani’s car with the van which almost killed her but Frank can’t let that happen. At least Madani and Frank both met and he gave her the sum version of what happened with Ahmad (Shez Sardar) but will she believe what he had to say or not. I guess we will have to wait and see.
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