Bull (S02E08) "The Devil, The Detail"

Simon Jones (Chris Cafero) was a trial scientist tech @ T.A.C; then a bike messenger & now he’s dead. In that order.
Simon failed a delivery challenge and jumped from a High Raise after delivering ballons for a child’s birthday party.  It was his last stop. He was depressed. #noshat The challenge paid an extra $30!
Cable was Simon’s special friend; a very special friend. It seems they dated for a minute, before he decided to take another road.  He didn’t like the cramp of the hours, 9-5, so he just left; without notice to T.A.C or Cable!
His parents feel the drug he was taking, caused his sudden jump & they’re suing the drug company. Cable asks for Bull’s help.
Simon was taking pills for money. He Guinea Pigged himself out to Dep  Pharmaceuticals. Here he meets Art Cander (Archie Panjabi) a rep for the company, he assumes. #neverassume
They meet-cute, lightly “play the dozens” with  the irony of her name, “Cander” & she  jabs back quickly with no expectations from a man named “Bull” It was cute & quite funny. But what’s in a name, eh?
She’s also a trial scientist! #snap ✋ …and she’s mean, competent and works differently; very differently. #nomirrorjurors
The family’s not asking to settle for money,  & she’s not offering! They want the suicidal drug recalled before it’s on the market & still in its trial state.  “No”  is her answer. They prepare for court.
Bull has no real approach & intention to sway, so that’s a problem straight away. He’ll  simply use the ” I trusted the company I signed up with” defense #ignorance
Danny finds Kevin Wright (Ronald Peet) @ the gym.  He participated in this drug trial & quit because it made him want to kill hmself. He is a good & valuable witness, until its found he’s a regular trial tester. He doesnt know if previous trials combined with this drug, caused suicidal ideation. He didn’t wait the full 30 days before starting  this trial. He began after day 27. #thedevilsinthedetails
@9:37 p.m. on my clock,  Bull was losing to a more ruthless, sneaky, sly & wicked trial scientist than him! He doesn’t like it. He’s upset, she just wants to win!  And so does he!  #potkettle
Cander has him by the ⚽⚾🏈🏀 He’s ready to throw in the towel, but first he yells @ Cable for “making him take” this losers case! He ripped her a new one. She sniffled 😢 He pouted like a child 😤
However, holes start appearing, due to Cable’s tenacity & stellar computer investigative skills. Tom Greaver, (DazzMann Still)  the witness for the defense, who had pounded the nails in the coffin of this case;  was  found to be a fraud, perjuror & worst, a very bad friend to Simon! He’s really, Tom Belmond a heroin addict!  
And then, Danny finds Edgar Paulson; a homeless man & trial subject…kinda’ Eddie hanged himself, 3 weeks ago.
Tessa Snyder, (Beth Malone) Co-founder & CEO of Dep, handled everything. Edgar was cremated, immediately.  She denies the meds caused his suicide. He had financial problems. Really?!  He was homeless! But him being on the program for less than 30 days, before he took his life, well; the defense asks for a recess! #surrender
Later, across town in a bar, Cander shows up to have a drink with Bull. Congratulations on the win. They toast to …”The Next time”🍸
There was no cool music to close, nor thru out.  Yet the sound of Bull shakin & silently squealing when she had him  by the jewels was a song!
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