Empire (S04E06) "Fortune Be Not Crost"

Most of the episode, I’m tryna find “crost”  
I finally went to Dr Google & opened Merriam -Webster. It’s “past tense of Cross” #what?  It’s a verb? #Ilovewords #puzzles, #wordsearch and things that make me say, 🤔 *Crost 
The episode begins with Jamal & Warren in the studio singing a love song.🎤 It’s good. It’s gonna break Warren’s heart when he breaks Jamal’s heart. 💔#waitingfortheothershoetodrop 👞
Andre is with a new physcian, Dr. Lambert. (Richard Pickren) He speaks of Pamela, the cop & the relationship is dicey. He really likes her…a lot! Doc renews his Rx & ups the dosage.
Sidebar: I guess ‘Dre really was using Nessa 💔 #songbird as a means to an end. But Shine, her blood & hoMey 👊 don’ t even mention her. #poorwriting
Later that day; the family stops errything & goes to court to support Hakeem in his custody battle for Bella.  This means everything to him. Ya’really get the sense he loves his baby & would do anything for her. Respect #brysheregray
Angelo wishes Cookie luck. #liar   Sadly, he’s still feeling bitchy & demonstrates this thru out the trial. ‘Just wrong & disrespectful to the court. #contempt. 
Judge Lydia Barnes (Francesca P. Roberts) is presiding in The Lyons case. Although she sincerely seems to be fair & ruling in the best interest of the child; she’ s a friend of the Dubois family. When she asked, “how mama Angelo was doing?” nobody called her on it! #recuse. Pay attention, Thristy!
Never the less, court’s in session. It’s her house. No cameras, no media. She does not speak ‘hood (mainly to silence the ghettofabulous, Cookie)  A clown, shouting from those in attendance, is immediately removed. #freebellalyon 
Opening arguments can not be objected & Angelo goes in hard with the name calling & references to crime. From the Bonnie & Clyde of hip hop, (Lucious & Cookie) to the B-status rapper, Hakeem; their world is violent & dangerous. If Bella is left in the Lyons Den, she’ll end up dead!  
Anika testified, Hakeem testified
Andre & Jamal. Anika’s poppa & Tiana. All were good & convincing. But Angelo goes in hard on Tiana, accusing her & Hakeem of 3somes, drugs & “where was Bella” during these sexfests? He hammers…she cries. The judge warns Mr Dubois. They recess.
Hakeem attacks Tiana in what he feels is her weakness in testimony.  He feels she hurt his case! She understands his pain; yet she is out! #breakup. #nottheone✋
J Poppa (Mo McRae) is back & all are excited; except Becky. She’s still pissed he dumped her to pursue life outside of Empire. He was a success, by the way.
She taunts & threatens, disrupting the recording session, calling his style tired. He moves in, kisses her & they get busy on the sound board. #nasty She dumps him later; horny no more & gives thanks for the closure #strictlybusiness mOving forward. 👅  
Cookie testifies. Angelo goes in. Brings up Cookie’s violence, slaps, hits & threats to Anika. Angelo is nasty. “Fangs are showing” & he talks about his own pistol whip by Cookie & company.  #scorned. #salty …yet true!
Lucious wants to testify & he does. He just got his mind back & was harmless. In 2013, he was “The scariest man in music” per Rolling Stone,  why? People disappear & end up dead @ Empire. Lucious is soft spoken & doesn’t remember a lot, since The Accident. He only knows his son’s love for Bella & she also gives him reason to want to heal. Angelo was humbled. 
Hakeem angered with his attorney, fires him & represent himself. He has no strategy. #arrogance. #youngbuck #afool
However, when he calls his baby mama, Anika. She confesses she knows nothing of her child…fav color, food, what she likes & what scares her. She calls her grandad “Dooshus” He did good. 👍
Then… Diane Dubois comes in as a rebuttal witness. I could hear the hammer drop. She claims Hakeem, Bella & her, have spent every Tues for 5 months together. She has tapes where Hakeem talks family matters & private details.  It’s cruel. Hakeem was played & played well. He lost by his own words.
“You are courageous & yet the Lyons are a threat to Bella’s well being”-Judge Lydia declares. Full custody to Anika. He hangs his head. Mama Dubois is complete now, yes?! Nope. She’s not done in the land of Oz. #sadistic
Cookie & Diana meet in the bathroom. Cookie’s nasty, Diana smiles. 
Anika has dinner with her new family. 1f37b - Empire (S04E06) "Fortune Be Not Crost" then picks up Bella with United States Marshalls in escort.  Hakeem sinks to the floor. 
Lucious wants blood & promises to get Bella back.
It was a good show. Smooth, well written, edited & on point.👊👌👍  
Empire airs, Wednesdays, 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time
*Crost anyone?