Shameless (S08E02) "Where’s My Meth?"

So far this week on Shameless:  Frank gets a job, Fiona tries to collect rent, Lip jeopardizes his ex’s ex’s sobriety, Carl moves the last of the Monica Meth, and Ian gets a tattoo.

Frank joins the ranks of the employed as a part of his quest to return to the respectable.  He lands a job after telling the manager his story (while leaving a lot out) and it turns out the manager just went through something similar as well.  As it turns out, when Frank’s not loaded, he makes a pretty damn good employee.  Who knew?

Lip is up to his old tricks, trying to get back with Sierra by getting her ex Charlie hooked back on crack.  He says he’s doing it to look out for Sierra and Lucas, her son, because Charlie reminds him of Frank, making promises he doesn’t follow through on, disappointing Lucas, et.

The ironic thing is, as Frank continues his path on the straight and narrow, Lip seems to be slipping deeper and deeper into the shoes Old Frank left behind.  The positive thing is he’s staying sober and hasn’t drank yet, unlike last season, where he used his AA chips for drinks.

Liam has seen the way the 1% live, thanks to his new friend Dillon.  His house has seven bathrooms, his parents attend charity functions, and he has a nanny that has a better car than most people in Liam’s neighborhood.

Ian’s been upset over Monica’s death for some reason, and selling his Monica Meth seems to push him into a pretty  depressed state about it.  He gets his cut of the money, then is getting a tattoo that goes horribly wrong.

Fiona is still catching hell trying to collect rent from her tenants.  They pull every trick she’s ever tried, despite the fact she’s been lenient with them.  The only one that actually gave her a rent check were the drug addicts in 1a.

Let me know what you thought of last weeks episode.  What do you look forward to for the rest of the season?  Lets discuss.