The Exorcist (S02E07) "Help Me"

Andy (John Cho) wake’s up to a beautiful morning. You can’t help but think that something is out of place. This isn’t reality, considering where we last left off in The Exorcist saga.

It’s a time where Nikki (Alicia Witt) was still alive and well, and the children were content in their world. It’s a flash back to the day Nikki ended her life. He is being forced to relive the worst moment in his life. He is stuck in an infinite loop as the demon takes a stronger hold on his mind, body and soul. We are briefly transported back to the nightmarish reality in which Marcus (Ben Daniels) and Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) are struggling to exorcise the demon from Andy’s failing body.

The kids are safe and out of that house, but their lives will be forever altered by the murder they witnessed at the hands of their father. Rose (Li Jun Li) has been standing by as a supportive presence in the shadows, trying to give Andy a link into the world of the living. But he is having a hard time letting go of his dead wife. A world without Nikki is too hard to bear.

We get to see where Andy’s descent into madness first started. His life with Nikki was full of so many good memories and emotions. The demon knows exactly what weaknesses will work against Andy, pulling him back to his nightmares. Each family member was impacted the day that Nikki chose to end her life, but it broke something in Andy, and the only thing that filled the void was a mysterious little girl, Grace.

Andy had unwittingly agreed to let the demon into his life, when he was most vulnerable. He was the perfect and most accommodating prey. There are moments in which Andy seems to be awakening from the endless loop of past memories, but he is quickly pulled back by the demon. He needs to fight for himself, or he will end up losing everything. Including his precious children.

Nikki seeps poison into his thoughts, altering the sequence of events and leaving him to question what is real. His lapse in sanity is apparent, even through brief moments of clarity. This entity is strong, and isn’t going to give up Andy without a fight. Even as he begs for help, he is pulled back under.

The demon shows him a world where his children and dead and gone, buried in the garden. That’s when Andy begins to grasp onto the fact that things aren’t quite right, that’s when he begins to fight back. Andy is starting to wake up, he knows the kind of person his wife was. She wasn’t cruel, she was just suffering from depression. The demon realizes there is a threat, and continues to transport him into other memories. Warping reality, adding more lies to the truths.

Andy is drowning from the inside out, and they need to untie him to give him a chance, playing right into the demon’s sinister hand. Andy begs for help, he is starting to become more aware. He wants to fight and stay there in the moment, but the demon is proving to be too strong.

Rose is by Andy’s side as he wakes up from his living hell. He begs to be released, playing on Rose’s emotions. But it’s too late, Andy is no longer there. He has relinquished control to the demon. Tomas and Marcus have their work cut out for them, although from the looks of it the odds are not currently in their favour.

Things are about to get messy.

The Exorcist returns on Friday, December 1st on FOX airing at 8/9c.

Photo: IMDB