The Punisher (S01E05) "Gunner"

So with this episode it was interesting thats for sure, but all I can really say is that I’m really impressed so far with Jon Bernthal’s take on Frank/Punisher it makes the character so interesting and I love that. I love how we get both the man who punishes evil and the man who actually has a heart for human beings in this series. But it shows also that his friendships are tested.
In this episode we had Agent Madani (Amber Revah) being investigated by the government to find out how the shipment got stolen in the last episode by Frank (Jon Bernthal) but of course they can’t tell them that they know about Frank being alive. Agent Stein (Micheal Nathanson) is very concerned about Madani but gives her a chance about the guessing of Frank being alive. So now Madani is under a time limit to prove Frank/Punisher is still alive and active. Under Madani’s looking through old files she comes across a name Gunner (Jeb Kreager) so I wonder if she will start trying to go after people Frank knew back in the Marine days to find Frank.
I like now though that they are slowly building up to where Frank will have the battle van. Sure it’s not equipped like how it was in the comics just yet but its getting there. I mean its a van and its black they got that part down so far. And its only episode five of thirteen episodes so we got time to see the full fledged battle van rise to its glory sooner or later. But it would be really cool to see the battle van come to life and see it do all the awesome things like how it did in the comics and animation shows of the past.
Frank had a warning from Karen (Deborah Woll) that Agent Madani will be coming after him but with that information Frank chooses to make a visit to an old alley of his in the Marines. Gunner; when Frank comes to visit Gunner he gets shot by Gunner by an arrow which being an archer I have to say that bow was a beautiful one that Gunner had. Gunner and Frank eventually have CIA Director Bill (Paul Schulze) send in military forces to exterminate all people involved with Kandahar. Frank and Gunner bring the war to them by killing all of them off. And Bill can’t believe his eyes seeing that Frank is really still alive. If it wasn’t for Bill getting a promotion he probably would’ve left Gunner and Frank alive and not bothered with them. But Frank has to agree its good to have Micro as his help in situations like this that happened.
I hope that Frank soon realizes that Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) is better off being that guy in the chair in the base of operations instead of being a guy in the field. Cause thats where Micro truly belongs is in a comfy chair relaxing while helping to save Frank’s ass every now and then. I mean it makes sense to keep Micro as the guy in the chair.
But it’s sad to see that Frank had to not keep his promise to Sarah (Jaime Newman) and the kids. Especially Leo (Ripley Sobo) I think she is really starting to look up to Frank as a hero of some sorts but after this I don’t think she’s going to look up to Frank as much. But they can’t really blame Frank I mean, it wasn’t Frank’s idea of getting thrown close to death by soldiers sent in by the CIA. But both Frank and Gunner weren’t looking too good at the end of the episode especially Gunner, I think he’s a goner after this episode.
And I think that Madani is going to be only using Billy (Ben Barnes) to get to Frank, I have a theory on that but I guess we will see in future episodes.
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