The Punisher (S01E06) "The Judas Goat"

This episode again was another great episode! I love this series so much already and its only the sixth episode. We are getting to know so much about the side characters as well and I’m still wondering who the villain is going to really be in the big picture. Who is going to be the one villain that Frank either creates or created during his time in the Marines but I guess we will find out eventually. All I can really say is that this series is amazing!

I knew in this episode we would see Curtis (Jason Moore) go into action to helping save Frank’s (Jon Bernthal) life especially when it was Micro’s (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) fault that got Frank in that situation. But its not all Micro’s fault I mean Frank was the one who was working on getting back into the game. When Frank wakes up he is worried about his friend Gunner, but sadly we find out that Gunner didn’t make it throughout the night and if Frank finds out about Gunner being dead. I’m pretty sure it will bring up some kind of upset or distress to Frank.

And Lewis (Daniel Webber) is just getting betrayed by everybody, I mean first by Curtis, and then by Billy (Ben Barnes) and now by O`Connor (Delaney Williams) and just as I predicted Lewis snapped on O’Connor when he continuously lied to Lewis. I feel bad for the guy cause now he’s probably going to go to jail unless if he secretly hides the body.

Eventually Frank chooses to trust his old Marine buddy Billy (Ben Barnes) even though I feel like it was a bad idea to trust his old buddy. Cause like Frank has already seen some people that were in his unit were and are dirty with a lot of bad things they’ve done. Like the colonal who was secretly selling cocaine with a lot of the people that Frank knew. But because Billy is Frank’s best friend he thinks Frank won’t over think about trusting him.

I have to say if they make both Bill (Paul Schulze) and Billy as the main villains of this season it’s going to definitely make Frank not trust anyone ever again. I mean the guy already has a lot of trust issues right now and if he really gets betrayed by Billy, then like I said before Frank will trust no one. But it’s good to see Frank choosing to be the Lieberman’s protector and guardian but let’s hope things don’t get out of hand. We don’t need this becoming some kind of drama show were Sarah (Jaime Newman) ends up falling in love with Frank and then Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) come bashing in being all “honey I’m home” then have the woman so confused in who she loves that she has to choose both and forever have a complicated life. And please somebody help Micro’s son down a better path than the bullying path. That kid needs to seriously stop thinking that his dads death is Sarah’s or Leo (Sobo) fault. Cause it’s not their fault, if he should blame anyone it should be Micro cause it was his own fault that he got taken away from his family.

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