Family Guy (S16E07) "Peter IV"

Tonight is an homage to Rocky IV & what coulda been, shoulda been, Director’s cut or Country preferences…maybe; not sure. But it’s definitely another jab at the endless love affair the USA is having with Russia & Vlad!  #endlesslove

There’s so many on the Seth carpet tonight, it was hard to keep up! And I don’t want’to see it again so I’ll just go with what I know to be true.  #sethcarpet 

Previously on Family Guy, an off colored tweet alienates Brian from society and his family…voice over by Survivors Jeff Probst, himself. He’s compete with cargo cutoff  + sandals. The tribe has spoken. “Leave!” Brian’s out, remember?  

It’s a 1 week later & Brian’s behind in his rent; 1 week. He needs a job. He ain’t Ringo & he’s employable. #thebeatles. 

Back at his previous address, it’s Dolph Lungren’s birthday. The boys celebrate this in tradition by dedicating the day to Rocky IV.  Drag is beaten by Rocky after Apollo is killed. Remember?   

After a cutaway to an 80’s “pass the jelly” commerical, which clearly has some significant memory for Seth, we return to the present.
Because the DVD doesn’t work, the guys go to the local DVD store & find the Russian version of Rocky IV. Rocky ‘s knocked out, 1st round, 1st punch. Peter writes Putin!  🐂💩  

Back to Brian. He gets a job in a Suicide Prevention clinic & is smitten of course by a co worker. She ain’t intetested.  

On another note & cutaway: Captain America is gay. Randy his pal, who lives in his guest house, says so. #whocares 

Putin is @ Peter’s door.  Yes I did look up George Brent during the commercial. A Harrison Ford reference woulda been mo’betta. #thiscentury

Never the less, Putin challenges Peter to a fist fight. Putin takes off his shirt & his boys hold Peter, while Putin beats his ass. He gets a text from Donald J. Trump, thereafter, congratulating him on the win & invites him to join him in grabbing… 1f431 - Family Guy (S16E07) "Peter IV" Yes. He used this emoji.  
Back @ the center, Brian hits on Marth-a his spaghetti legs, co worker. She rejects him. Brian looks her up on line….and her mother. Both look good & he gets the lotion. 1f637 - Family Guy (S16E07) "Peter IV"  She sees him. Fearful he’ll get fired for lewd conduct & oily hands; he plants drugs in her desk before she can tell. What?! Recommended by his landlord, who sounds like, Chazz Palminteri #originalgangsta She’s arrested
In another cutaway: Ronan Farrow is Woody’s son, not Ol’blue eyes, Right? #whocares. #franksinatra

Putin has found another American friend in Pete. They ride shirtless on horseback thru town & Peter’s invited back to Russia. He accepts as Brigit Nielsen chases the plane for the tiny bottles of booze. She’s 6’7? I never knew! 
All is well, until Roger Goodell, along with Putin is found to rig football.  I’ve known since Superbowl XIX  sum’n was up!  #dolphinssuck. They target Tom Brady

This pisses #KevinJames…aka Peter, off! “Nobody touches the fine ass of Tommy B!”

They square off in the ring. Lois stops the fight in Peter’s mind. His brains are scrambled. They dance to Lionel Ritchie’s music, who checks his mailbox  for residuals, thru out this episode.

Peter’s poisoned the next day on the way to the airport by the President of the United States of America’s, best friend.   
…and for this; giving thanks!  👊

Family Guy airs, Sunday’s, 9:00 p.m Pacific Time