The Goldbergs (S05E07) "A Wall Street Thanksgiving"

It’s time for Thanksgiving in Jenkintown which means that Uncle Marv is back once again! He has found a way to make money as a stockbroker and gets Barry and the rest of the JTP minus Geoff (JTP minus Geoff!!) to participate as well. Surprisingly enough Marvin actually makes money for the boys. Unfortunately for Barry, Murray has taken out all his savings before Marvin could make him any money.

Erica is coming home from college for Thanksgiving and finds out about the Bevolution. Instead of cooking for 4 days for her family, Bev has decided to take it easy and has invited 50 people over for a potluck instead. However Erica had this Thanksgiving planned differently. She got a credit card (“who would give you a credit card, you’re completely irresponsible!”) and already has a $3000 debt. But she has come up with a plan to fix it: she will pretend that she and Geoff are breaking up so Bev won’t get mad about the debt and will help her pay it back. But now that Bev has started the Bevolution, she no longer meddles in her kids’ lives and won’t bail Erica out.

Erica decides to also get in on Marvin’s new investment scheme, by taking out another credit card in Beverly’s name (welcome back John Calabasas!) and lets her uncle invests the money. Barry gets the money he saved, back from Murray by insulting him and his pathetic life and needs Marvin to make him rich. The money of both siblings is now invested in Atari stock, but what they don’t know is that Atari’s new E.T. video game sucks. If only they had listened to Adam before getting into their uncle’s ridiculous scheme. Adam has been playing the game, but is very disappointed when he can’t get E.T. out of the pit and apparently he wasn’t the only one because the Atari stock crashes and Marvin, Erica and Barry lose their money.

The situation is tense at the Goldberg house, especially after Beverly finds out that Erica got another credit card in her name and during the Thanksgiving potluck (which gives us another short, but hilarious guest appearance of Bill Goldberg, as Coach Mellor’s brother) all the family does, is scream at each other. This was not exactly the Thanksgiving dinner Bev had in mind. And the family realizes they shouldn’t be fighting on this day of thanks and they all make up:

To solve her problems, Geoff gives Erica his money. Erica refuses to take it though and instead apologizes to Bev and tells her she’ll work to pay off her debt. Murray bails out Marvin and gives him the money he needs. Barry sees that and realizes that his dad’s life isn’t that pathetic and that he actually wants to be like him. And instead of having a potluck Thanksgiving, the family enjoys a nice Thanksgiving dinner together.

I loved is how all three storylines somehow were somehow all connected by Atari, but the best part of it all was the end of the episode. All three storylines tied up nicely. I love the relationship between Geoff and Erica. Even though Geoff is scared all the time that Erica will break up with him, they seem to genuinely love each other.

Not only did this episode have a great ending, it had some really fantastic lines as well, which is something The Goldbergs always balances very well. I especially loved Pops’ lines in this episode. Everything he said was hilarious with “Are girls still a thing for boys in high school?” and “Shellfish, we’re having shellfish? What kind of Thanksgiving is this?” as my favorites this week. We have seen him in some bigger storylines this season, but I hope we get to see him much more.

I’m very happy that the Bevolution is still going on. It will probably give us a lot of interesting storylines in the future and I’m really excited to see them!

All in all, The Goldbergs delivered another really good and heartfelt Thanksgiving episode of a so far great season 5!

Viva la Bevolución and Happy Thanks-fucking-giving!

The show takes another break. This Wednesday you can enjoy A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and the week after that, on November 29th, The Goldbergs will be back at 8/7c on ABC!