The Punisher (S01E07) “Crosshairs”

Alright so this episode was really good, I don’t care what others are saying about this series. This series in my eyes is really good and what always has to interest me for a movie or a tv series is the story. I’m sure a lot of you can agree. This episode reveals where the story is heading for the rest of season 1.

So with this episode we got our first look at Billy (Ben Barnes) getting his hands dirty. Before this episode you never saw Billy handling things himself because of Frank/Punisher (Jon Bernthal) being in the way of the big master plan. But more importantly we are starting to see Billy transition into the villain he will eventually become. And for all you comic book readers out there you know who I’m talking about, we all know Billy eventually becomes the villain Jigsaw and no I’m not talking about the crazy character from the saw movies.

Jigsaw is one of those villains that you have to really understand before he becomes the villain. Now in the film Punisher War Zone, you had your first look at Jigsaw then. But this version we get more of the human side before he becomes the monster in a way of speaking. The reason why they call him Jigsaw is because what The Punisher does to his face. In the comics, Jigsaw’s face got all cut up and dismembered at a paper factory or warehouse it was one of those two. And trust me it is quite gruesome when his face does get all cut up. But Jigsaw after that moment became one of those villains that always found a way to come after Frank. In the film Punisher War Zone, Jigsaw came after Frank by targeting Benny, or his guy in the chair I should say. Benny almost died in the film and it was because of that, that Frank tried so hard to cut Benny loose but Benny wasn’t having that. Will similar events happen in the series we won’t know yet!

So, we saw that Billy and what we are calling him now Captain Orange (Paul Schulze) are indeed working together and their big master plan can’t go down until Frank is killed. But like always Frank doesn’t make it easy for them to kill him. But what is the big master plan? To find out what it is you’ll have to keep watching.

Frank and Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) begin planning a visit to Col. Morty Bennet (Andrew Polk) because he has intel on Captain Orange, and Frank  wants to know why he wants him dead. But the mission was to also clone the phone Col. Bennet uses to track his movements. But Micro begins to worry Frank’s motives might change and he might change his mind and kill Bennet instead. Frank assures he won’t cause he is also concerned about what will happen if he comes to one of those soldiers on that base. That’s the last thing Frank ever wants to do is hurt a U.S. soldier.

Meanwhile, Lewis (Daniel Webber) begins feeling guilty about what he had done to O’Connor. He tries washing off the blood from his hands and chooses to wrap the body up in a bathroom curtain. When he gets home he is confronted by his dad, Lewis tries his best to hide his bloody hands. When his dad tells him he loves him no matter what, he then sees the blood stained hands. When Lewis dad leaves for work and Lewis gets the body in the house. Lewis contemplates about committing suicide, when Lewis mind comes to clarity he chooses not to do suicide.

When Frank has his meeting with Col. Bennet, they are interrupted by Anvil agents including Billy. They all try killing Frank but Frank escapes having to hurt one soldier doing his job. When Frank and Micro get back to base; Frank tells Micro he had to hurt a soldier and from now on he kills anyone in his way from his targets. When they track Bennet’s phone to Captain Orange house, Frank realizes this might be his only shot at taking him down but he wasn’t inspecting reinforced glass for the windows. Frank retreats to fight the battle on another day.

Like I said this was a great episode and I just can’t wait to see Billy’s transformation into Jigsaw progress!

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