The Walking Dead (S08E05) "The Big Scary U"

The throwbacks to season one continue this episode not only once, but twice, with Rick and Daryl fighting, ending in a choke hold with the infamous line “Choke hold’s illegal asshole!” and Rick seeing a helicopter, something he saw back in Atlanta when he first arrived on horseback all those years ago.

We learn more about Neegan than I ever really wanted to, with Father Gabriel locked up with him in a rail road container surrounded by Walkers.  Gabriel’s trying to get him to confess, hoping to realize some deep dark secret of Neegan’s that no doubt will help Rick defeat him if Gabriel makes it out alive.

We see a new council forming while Neegan’s missing, trying to fill the power void, something Neegan’s always worried about, especially with Simon at the helm.  Also sitting at the table is Alexandria’s own traitorous Gregory and Eugene, as well as Dwight, the catalyst for all this due to bad information he gave  Daryl at the beginning of the season.  They’re trying to figure out what to do, especially about the workers, and that seems to be the question of the day.

Let me know what you thought of this episode?  Does hearing about Neegan’s background make him more human?  Or is he still just a giant asshole?  Do you think Father Gabriel’s turned on Rick’s group?  Or is he just using Neegan?  What do all the throwbacks to season one mean?  Is this proving the Old Man Rick theory to you?  Let me know all your theories in the comments down below and let’s discuss.