Sense8 (S02E02) "Who Am I?"

Season two of the Wachowski siblings brainchild sensation Sense8 sent us on a whirlwind of emotions, right from the first scene to the last.  The very first question asked, as seen in the clip above, is the title of the episode, “Who Am I?” a question which comes up throughout the season.  Here the cluster is leaning on each other as Lito and Capheus face this question from reporters.  Drawing on each other’s experiences in the past, they are able to put the reporters in their place and open their eyes to the cluster’s point of view.

Capheus starts a relationship with the reporter, Zakia, and when out to lunch, she asks how her job or what she does matters.  She talks about the injustice of the world and how what she is matters little in the scheme of things.  Capheus brings up the other side of the argument, that in their grandparents time, her grandmother would never have been allowed to leave home, let alone get an education and go to other countries.  So by that measure, it matters a great deal for progress, that as little as it seems to us, it’s a great deal of progress for those who came before us.  Capheus ties in courage, (his theme) and why it’s so important to be able to work through terrible things you’ve seen and try to make yourself or the people around you better everyday.  He says that’s why  he loves Van Damme so much, that it’s not about White courage, it’s about having courage to stand up for what you believe in and if believing in something as silly as a movie enables you to do so, embrace that and use it.

Nomi and Neets dig deeper on the scientific side to find out what being a senseate really means.  They meet with professor that literally wrote the book on it, and find out one of his students was none other than Whispers himself, and that he’s still being funded somehow by BPO, proving how big the organization and lengths the organization will go to to keep an eye on sensates.  Will asks them to meet with the mother of the girl Whispers murdered and made Will realize he was different from everyone else.  They talk to the mother and realize several other sensates from Angelica’s previous cluster had come to visit with her.  Will tells them to tell her that he’ll never give up.

Will continues feeling the burden of being hunted by Whispers as he slips further down the rabbit whole of drug use to try to block him from finding other members of his cluster.  We do learn bits and pieces about Whispers, so that’s the one positive about the experience, plus we learn just how expansive BPO is and what the cluster’s actually fighting.  Needless to say, it’s a lot bigger than we imagined.  During a cat and mouse game with Whispers and Will, we find out Will’s been using Whispers hunting to try to hunt the hunter.  They’ve proven to be smarter than Whispers has given them credit for and had Riley’s dad slip them products and use staging to make Whispers think they’re still in Iceland when in fact they’re long gone.  Meanwhile, Will learns who Whispers superior is and where the BPO headquarters are.

What was the biggest impact of the episode for you?  What stood out the most?  Leave your comments down below and let’s discuss.