The Punisher (S01E08) "Cold Steel"

This episode, there are no words to how I can feel about this episode especially that big death that happened in this episode. It broke my heart seeing that happen to that character, but at the same time it is a way for our villain to transition into more of the villainous side of the certain character.

So with this episode we saw Captain Orange (Paul Schulze) needing to proceed with his plans, but can’t because Frank/Punisher (Jon Bernthal) is still alive. So to make that happen Captain Orange gives Billy (Ben Barnes) a time frame of how long he has to kill Frank. Which is not long, Billy is pressured to get the job done immediately but tells Orange he can’t use his own men from Anvil for the job this time around. So Orange tells Billy to hire anyone at any price because they need to get Frank off the board.

Madani (Amber Revah) and Sam (Micheal Nathanson) find out that her office is bugged but they are not sure by who. While trying to figure out who has bugged the office, she decides to speak about the case not in her office to Sam. When Madani gets way too close to figuring out who is bugging her office; Captain Orange gets paranoid thinking Madani is going to be on his case he orders Billy to kill anyone in his way including Madani. Billy assures that its not going to be a problem having to kill someone he’s getting close to. And that is so a move for Billy’s villainous turn to become Jigsaw.

Micro on his spare time while keeping tabs on his family through the cameras he starts figuring out who it is who Frank is after that he keeps calling Captain Orange. He informs Frank that Captain Orange is the district operator of combat in the CIA. Which Frank already knew that, but Micro starts panicking to Frank thinking that Orange is going to come after his family because they know about his identity. But Frank assures him that no word about them are on the web or anywhere so he doesn’t know about them. The cameras at Micro’s house then go out and he demands for Frank to go check on them.

Frank goes to visit Sarah (Jaime Newman) and interrupts her about to have a time alone with a bottle of wine. Sarah invites Frank to help her drink the bottle, when they are in the middle of drinking the bottle. Sarah asks Frank why he doesn’t talk about his wife or family. Frank explains that they are gone and there’s nothing to really talk about; Sarah then feels so much like a jerk for asking she tells Frank shes sorry but then begins kissing on Frank. But Frank pulls away cause he can’t do what Sarah wants because he will feel like he is betraying his wife’s memory. Sarah offers Frank a enchilada to take on the road. When Frank returns to the base he sees Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) getting drunk on some wine he has there at the base for important purposes. Frank and Micro talk it out but through Micro’s drunk behavior Frank knocks out Micro and puts him to bed.

When Madani and Sam continue with the plans to raid a warehouse selling illegal weapons because they think Frank is going to be the one who buys the weapons and ammo. But Billy and his mercenaries end up being the ones who are there to kill anyone including Frank. But Frank never comes and so Madani and her team begin to have a fire fight against each other. When Billy and Weems (Graham Wolfe) get away, Sam shoots Weems in the legs forcing Billy to shoot him down. Sam continues to apprehend Billy only not knowing its him. When Billy takes off his mask, Sam is shocked to see that its the man that his partner and friend loves that has killed most of the homeland security force on the case. Billy takes his hidden knife and stabs Sam in the neck slicing his throat open. Getting to him too late, Madani tries to stop the bleeding but is too late. In Sam’s final moments he tries telling her it was Billy but she can’t understand and holds him in her arms.

Meanwhile Frank finds out what is happening with Zach (Kobi Frumer) and tries understanding why he’s being such a bully and why he may want to hurt people. Zach finally tells Frank that he wants the pain to stop, that he wants to die so that nothing can happen to him again. He wants his life back, but Frank tells him nothing will be easy but he has to learn to smile through the pain and live life to the fullest. Frank and Zach eventually become good friends at the end.

This episode was a good episode but its sad that Sam had to die, I wish Sam didn’t have to die cause now Madani is going to be focused more on figuring out who hired those men that killed Sam instead of being focused on the real part of the case. Which is to find Frank and get him to testify about the wrong doings that are happening throughout the city.

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