Gypsy: Netflix Campaign (Petition)


After one of Netflix Original series “Gypsy” has been cancelled, only 6 weeks after it aired, it left us all hanging and distraught. The online Gypsy fan community started a campaign for Netflix to renew the show. Hoping to get answers on the protagonist behaviour, and past, which is explorable in Season 2.

If you are a Gypsy fan, and pretty much disappointed for its cancellation, help us by sharing/RT this video on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social medias  which shows how much Gypsy deserves a Season 2. If you haven’t watched it yet, do it! You will love it! It is important to use the hashtag #RenewGypsy as much as possible to be noticed on social networks. Also make sure to read this article from Rachel Thompson to see more on how much fans want Gypsy to be renewed.

Petition: Click Here.


=Join them on:

Facebook: Easy Tigers – Gypsy Fandom #renewgypsy

Twitter: @bringbackgypsy & @vagabond_hotel

Instagram: gypsy_easytigers

YouTube: Easy Tigers – Gypsy fandom

And you can email them at


What are your thoughts?

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