Shameless (S08E03) "Bless Her Rotting Soul"

Fiona’s battles with the deadbeat renters continue as she tries to rent out the unit she just vacated, but is dealing with other tenants interference on behalf of her friends.  The last tenant had spread baby shit and wrote xxx words on the walls right before a new tenant wants to look the place over.

Carl, Lip, Debbie, and Ian deal with the fallout of selling Monica’s Meth as her dealer tracks them down and threatens them with their lives.  They have to swallow their pride and have to ask Fiona what she did with her and Liam’s meth.  Fiona knew this day was coming and savored every second of it as you can see in this clip:

They have to dig up Monica’s body from her grave where Fiona had hidden the meth at the end of last season, and of course, things always go wrong.  They get the meth, however, and give it and money to the dealer.  When they confront him, he threatens the kids, and Frank, sorry, Francis, actually stands up for them, threatening the drug dealer if he ever comes near his kids again in the first sign of parental concern I’ve ever seen from him.  Frank continues his path to sainthood, having realized his name means he’s a patron saint of animals, and also has new feelings, such as grief, which he feels for the first time when he picks up a dead squirrel he brought home to give a proper funeral.

Kev and V find out about Kev’s genes and learn where he’s from, and V gets Svetlana out of INS jail in exchange for not selling the Alibi and taking care of the kids again.  Not quite a thruple, but close.

Lip’s mentor Professor Euwing gets hammered and plows his car through a house and Lip tries to come to his aid, but fails.  Not only has the good professor had 5 DUI’s before (how the hell does he even still have a license?) but he doesn’t want help to either keep his tenure or his life apparently.  Lip reaches out to his friends in AA and they arrange an intervention.

Let me know what you guys thought of the episode.  Will Fiona get the tenants in line?  Will Francis stay on the straight and narrow?  Will Lip stay sober?  What’s going to happen to Debbie when she moves back in the house with Franny? Leave me a comment down below and let’s discuss.