The Punisher (S01E12) "Home"

Holy Moly, this episode was so good! It really lives up to being great and with there being only one episode left I bet its going to make a fantastic ending to the season. Lets hope that Netflix renews this series for another season because it deserves it. This episode delivered so much action and bloodshed and it was amazing! I truly loved this episode!

So in this episode we had Frank (Jon Bernthal) having dreams or memories about the good times he had with his wife Maria (Kelli Barrett) and they were some good times I mean sex and all. This episode we finally saw the showdown between Frank and Captain Orange aka Bill Rawlins (Paul Schulze) which was a good showdown. Sure Frank had to be captured and tortured to have that chance for the two of them to come face to face but it was worth it. Especially that finish that Frank did, that was fantastic! But we will get to that in a little bit.

Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) had to fake his death again in this episode which you would think with his wife Sarah (Jaime Newman) having to watch him die twice and both times being fake deaths that she would have a heart attack or something you know. But Micro did deserve when she beat him up for faking his death not once but twice. But now comes the part where Micro has to be under protective custody for the rest of his life with his family so at least the family is back together again. Although I don’t think Micro and Frank are done working together just yet.

Eventually Frank does get captured and he gets interrogated by Billy (Ben Barnes) and when the interrogation goes no where, Orange gets aggravated and takes over torturing and forcing Frank to bleed out. Frank ends up getting the computer system all accessed and breaks a knife out from under his chair stabs Orange in the chest then bites him in the neck. Forcing Orange to bleed out, which I gotta say with this being The Punisher series it really did bring on the blood which everyone should be happy about. It’s a blood field day!

Billy finally showed his true colors not just to Frank but to Orange/Rawlins as well and I gotta say its about time. Billy needs to start transitioning further and further into the villain he is meant to be which is Jigsaw! Lets hope that his face gets all cut up soon, like in the season finale or in season 2 if there ends up being a season 2 which I hope there ends up being one.

When Orange finally beats Frank closer and closer to his death, Frank’s wife Maria comes and gives him a choice. He can stay alive or go with his wife to Heaven and live happy with her and the kids. But Frank chooses to stay and with all his strength Frank kills Orange with stabbing him through the neck many times and stabbing him in the chest many times and then slitting his throat and making his fingers go through Orange’s eyes. With Frank close to death, Madani (Amber Revah) saves Frank’s life by taking him to her parents house where her father saved his life.

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