The Punisher (S01E13) "Memento Mori"

Okay so this is it, season finale! Kinda hard for me to believe I just started reviewing these episodes last week on Friday and now I’m here at this moment on Turkey Day of all days! Season finale of Season 1 and I really hope that we get a Season 2, I’m sure we will but still I don’t know for sure. I don’t know how things work for Netflix in how they choose which series’s get renewed and which ones don’t you know. But I’m sure we will find out soon enough!

We finally saw the final battle between Frank (Jon Bernthal) and Billy (Ben Barnes) and I honestly have to say with everything that these two have been through, I really thought that there was going to be more of a fight but they also have to stay true to source material in how heroes and villains are created on these kind of shows. Which I’m really glad they stayed true to the actual comics source material in how Billy gets his face cut up to become Jigsaw by having his face being smashed over and over again through a plate glass!

I actually for the longest time saw this series as only a series to get people to understand Frank and his methods as The Punisher. But after seeing this episode and watching all 13 episodes of this season, I actually have a different perspective of the series. This series it wasn’t just for us to see Frank at work but it has also been made to be an origin story for Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) which I find it interesting that they made it as an origin story for this archenemy of The Punisher. But it’s also good that they did this because this way we were able to understand Billy not just as some jerk of a villain that seems to never die but understand him as a human being before we see him as a psychotic villain. Which for most series’s we never see that, and I’m glad the creator of the show went this route cause before when I read The Punisher comics I always saw Billy as this guy who was just a dick and an asshole that we were all not suppose to like.

But with this series you get a more understanding about the character and how Billy truly becomes so evil, which I just love. You have to love origin stories like that because they give you a sense of understanding where the character is coming from. In this case Billy became the villain Jigsaw by betraying Frank on that day when his family was slaughtered in the festival’s carrousel. And we also saw that Billy was there that day hanging out with Frank, Maria (Kelli Barrett), Lisa (Nicolette Pierini), and Frank Jr. (Aidan Brennan) before the chaos was unleashed. I mean that gives the character much, much more of a reason to be the greatest archenemy Frank/Punisher will ever have. It was a fantastic origin story for our dear villain and I can’t wait to see what happens next with this villain!

Sure they revealed that with so much trauma that Billy had suffered with his head that he might not remember his name or of anything that happened. But I think he will remember everything that happened because Billy is the one villain that always comes back for more from Frank and always thinks he will win but never does that we know of.

And I highly doubt that Frank and Micro’s partnership is at an end, because no matter what, Frank will always have a war raging against the world. Sure at the end of this episode he feels at peace at the moment with a clean slate but trouble will always find Frank and when it does he will don the Punisher skull once again. But no matter what, when Frank goes to having to punish others for their wrong doings he will always need his guy in the chair helping him through difficult tasks. And I’m sure when that time comes Micro will be there for his buddy Frank.

Now I know that this season has ended but I think one thing that would be really cool for a future season is to at least have Gabriel Luna’s Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider come onto the show and have either a team up or full on brawl against Frank/Punisher. I think that would make an awesome small story arc for a future season if the creators of the show do it right that is. But with the amount of CGI it takes to animate and track the actor for the visual effects of Ghost Rider it might never happen at the same time. I mean it cost ABC a lot to have that whole story arc of Ghost Rider on Agents of Shield because of the amount of animation and visual effects work it took to make Ghost Rider a reality. So their’s always that chance that we the fans may never get what we hope to get. But its always fun to be hopeful though!

I hope you all have enjoyed this series as much as I have, it has truly be great being able to watch these stories be unfolded into awesome episodes and enjoy every moment of them. I truly had a blast writing the reviews to all 13 of these episodes and I hope we do get more seasons!

And to all my readers, may you have a Happy Thanksgiving!