Grey’s Anatomy (S14E07) "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story" and (S14E08) "Out of Nowhere"

The 7th episode was quite slow and what’s interesting is that before the episode landed upon us, we were able to read spoilers on the internet that indicated George’s, Christina’s and Izzie’s returns. While I am not a fan of hallucinations, which I predicted we would see, I was very much excited about the old faces of these actors that we’ve loved since the very beginning and that we continue to love! However … It was nothing like that, we instead got 3 characters that had an accident on a rollercoaster, who are interns and who supposedly look and behave like George, Christina and Izzie. Eh … I wasn’t really satisfied.

They did bring back a lot of old feelings – Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) toward Christina, Alex’s (Justin Chambers) toward Izzie and Bailey’s (Chandra Wilson) toward George … But the past is in the past, so it didn’t make sense to further evolve any of this into a legit story. Shonda knew that and we knew that, that’s why all of the “twinzies” lived and – therefore – there was no action whatsoever.

(I sound very morbid right now, saying that I wanted to see more death. What is my problem?)

Meanwhile The Avery’s insisted on making Meredith the star of the day by taking her to get her own Harper’s award. She insisted on missing it out, but the episode still ended by her getting somewhat of a personal ceremony and Jackon’s (Jesse Wiliams) speech about how great she is when she actually won the award. It’s great that she got so far, I loved seeing that. Perhaps Christina could have gotten an award or two in her lifetime, but Meredith proved she is and always will be the star of the series, so that’s all that matters.

If the 7th episode was slower, the 8th one not only brought in the action, but it also felt like the substitude for the actionless 7th episode. Hospital’s systems got hacked, so the doctors weren’t able to control their patients’ monitors, which kept flatlining, they didn’t have any access for medicines and transitional blood, machines were down and they also didn’t have any medical records whatsoever. The “hackers”, should we call them that way, wanted bitcoins from the hospital in order to unblock the issues.

Of course the hospital shouldn’t have promoted their possible new project, financially supported by Dr. Avery, because that is what brought in the hackers.

The doctors were still trying their best to be badass, though. Richard (James Pickens Jr.) proudly gave advices how to handle the situation without the modern technology, Meredith was trying to operate on a patient who needed transitional blood, Avery and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) were connecting on the helicopter when their own’s patients blood started sprinkling around. Jo (Camilla Luddington) was also amazing, she was sprinting around to get information about her patient’s medical history, so they could treat the kiddo properly, and … Next to all of that confusion … She in the end ran up to her abusive husband.

The end of the episode indicated the fact that this was just the beginning! Jo will most definitely have new struggles upon her husband’s arrival, as the creators of the show promised in an interview, as well. I am guessing we will also get more answers about the hospital’s future – whether they will be able to open up that new project after all, or maybe not, after this crisis.
The episode flew by beautifully, it didn’t feel boring or too long, it was instead bold and very well produced.

Grey’s Anatomy is now sadly taking a break till January, but I hope this time will pass by quickly!