NCISNOLA (S04E09) "Hard Knock Life"

🎷♫🎺It’s music , dancing & a street festival in N’Awlins. Kids, who look homeless are picking pockets and walking away with things #gutterpunks  

A petty officer is robbed. His bags are stolen. #Snatch&grab. He gives chase & catches the kids. However, the elder of the group pulls a gun, threatening to shoot. So he let’s them go with a promise to pay back! He’s seen their faces.
The next morning, the Petty Officer is found on a park bench, dead; shot in the head, execution style.


Pride’s in therapy, confirmed on the way to the crime scene. The girls are happy about it. He doesn’t want to talk about it. 
Petty Officer, Michael Thompson (Onye Eme-Akwari) never made it to the hotel. He was shot twice in the back of the head & beaten  The kids, #Crusties or #gutterpunks are suspect. Pride thinks otherwise, although they have surveillance footage.  

Dwayne is looking for K.C Vaughn (William Peltz) He had the gun, aiming it @ Thompson. It’s noted, the calibar is different than the holes found in Thompson.  
K.C was aged out of the system & is in the streets. However, the younger ones should be picked up for “safety & security” aka juvie.  Pride asks his ol’friend, Dan (Evan Parke) for time. He’ s given 24 hours in respect for the way they were.
Gregorio goes undercover to draw ’em out. They take her bag & are traced to an ol’ abandoned house. They’re like Celphalapoid in the Men in Black. ‘Climbing walls & jumping thru windows like Cirque Du Soleil & ninjas.  They were slippery. Yet managed to hold on to 2. #ninjas #celphalapoid #meninblack

Tita (Jowin Batoon) & lil’man (Mikelle Wright-Matos) won’t talk, even for shrimp creole. Tita is 15 & very dirty. Lil man is 10 & dirtier.  Pride still won’t turn ’em in & he’s not going off book. He promises. They’re tryna keep the faith…in him. But Percy’s clearly annoyed.
Sidebar: Pride’s intense need to save could stem from a child he couldn’t save, back in the day. I think Dan said, “Angelo” Continued therapy will surely reveal

Pride is back in Clearwater@ the baptist church.  He finds Joey, a fellow crustie. He is dead. He looks 12. 😔 His dog whimpers next to him. He’s murdered in the same way as Thompson. It’s obvious they’re looking for the contents of Thompson’s bag. A camera in particular.  KC has it. He now has a target on his back. 🎯

Patton must still be @ his mama’s, so Sebastian accesses Thompson’s Cloud account. Once the camera is turned on it can be traced. It was.  & NCIS AND the murders track KC!  The camera has a 💩 load of diamonds inside! 

The Point of Origin is Dubai & a $30M heist. The bad guys sneaked the diamonds into Thompson’s camera. He’s their “acceptable loss”
Sidebar: Such an incredibly #sad & sign of the tines episode.  The plight of the homeless is like a virus effecting all ages; all of us! 
The Tricentennial Concert is the exchange point, in the field behind the event. KC wants 💰 for the diamonds. Of course he’s killed during the exchange. #rookie.  

Somewhere during this time, There’s the weekly shoot ’em up.  This time, Gregorio fires 1st!  Tita’s in the middle, ducking & dodging  The bad guys are killed “and the band plays on”  #xambassadors 🔥

In conclusion,  “back @ the ranch” Percy keeps the gutter dog & Gregorio is called on the carpet for the shoot out. She claims, like him, she works on instinct. Pride didn’t like it. She’s warned to never pull a stunt like that again. He’s the boss! She walks out.  
Now that was…different &…interesting Interesting indeed! 👍

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