The Gifted (S01E08) “threat of eXtinction”

What a heavy episode we were given this week. The Strucker family is given further depth when Reed’s father is introduced, a former Trask employee and current antiques dealer. Reed is reasonably hesitant to contact his estranged father but the group agree that the answers he could provide would be invaluable. It is easy for the audience to empathize with his character, and it is good to see that Caitlyn remains unwaveringly supportive of him. Their relationship is certainly the most stable and healthy of all that are portrayed thus far, which is refreshing to see in a drama.

With the brief reunion we are given a little bit more information regarding the special connection between Lauren and Andy. Their abilities have appeared before in another sibling duo earlier on in their lineage. They were known as Fenris and considered to be unstoppable during their time. It is exciting to think of how the Struckers will develop knowing this, whether they will mirror their relatives or if they will take a new path. It’s possible that their parents will try to hinder their training out of fear, as they have stepped in already over smaller issues. We can be sure that this will play out in the coming episodes, as the series has done well with answering questions with haste.

One of the other storylines we see play out this episode is centred around Clarice and young girl named Norah. She is rescued with a group of other mutants and brought to the Underground’s hide out. Norah and Clarice both have physical abnormalities that make it hard to blend in with normal society, a point that Blink tries to build on. Norah is initially wary of Clarice, but eventually opens up revealing they are from the same foster home. Clarice seeks out Sonja hoping to ease the child’s pain with her ability. It’s good to see it being used in a positive way, showing that every power can be used for good and bad.