Lucifer (S03E06) "Vegas with Some Radish"

This episode gets a big and fat “A” from this reviewer. It is funny as always, Lucifer once again has some relation to the case of the week, it is incredibly Deckerstar (may I say I am on board of the Deckerstar Express) and also gives us background on some characters such as Ella and Candy, and also on some situations, like what happened when Lucifer fleed to Vegas after finding out Chloe was a Miracle. The episode was just great all around.

Written by Ildy Modrovich and Sheri Elwood, the episode is very simple, although it handles complex subjects. This episode helps to answer some questions left unanswered since Lucifer ran away to Vegas for the first time and gives us more insight into Ella’s background story, but its main focus is Chloe’s and Lucifer’s feelings for each other.

The most important thing about Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship is that the tension is always there. Although they don’t admit, it is always clear they do have feelings for each other. This week, Chloe looks for Linda after Lucifer leaves with Ella for Vegas on her birthday, and the Doctor makes her open up and talk about her feelings, which are still pretty much strong. Coincidently, Lucifer’s attitude towards Chloe, ignoring her texts, not telling her where they are and hiding what’s happening from her attracts Ella’s attention and is basically the main topic of their dialogues. Both the Detective and Lucifer become more honest and accepting towards their feelings, but still don’t let their guards down, for now.

The reason behind Lucifer and Ella’s little adventure in Vegas is Candy, the woman with whom Lucifer showed up after his absence after finding out Dad had put Chloe in his way. Candy is missing and was possibly murdered. Although it wasn’t her the woman killed, by Lucifer’s analysis of the deceased’s feet, comparing them to Candy’s, there are still questions left unanswered about her. We learn then, that Candy is a club singer (by the way, may I say Lindsey Gort is amazing in this episode, including her singing number) who owes money to a loan shark called Louie Pagliani. So what harm could come from paying the man a visit? Turns out he has also been murdered and after the regular devilish banter about Louie’s home decoration, Ella and Lucifer go after Pagliani’s wife, as the evidence points now in her direction. The flashback is very well placed and written, and is very important for the understanding of the background story.

A quick visit to Lucifer’s penthouse by Chloe and Linda confirms their suspicion that he’s out of town, but they decide to stay and enjoy the Devil’s place for its comforts and luxury. We learn with Linda, in the meantime, that Lucifer gave Shakespeare a little hand. How cool is that?! First Oscar Wilde, now Shakespeare. Lucifer had some nice friends back then. Anyway, after Chloe overhears a Lucifer call to Linda to reschedule a session, she learns he’s back in Vegas and with some… radishes. Lucifer being in Vegas and possibly with someone ravishing makes Chloe suppress her feelings even harder, saying she’s passed anything romantic. But again, being the voice of reason, despite being just as dunk as Chloe, Linda suggests that maybe this Vegas situation is just bringing back emotions she hasn’t dealt with properly. Spot on, Linda! I need a therapist like her.

off to vegas lucifer - Lucifer (S03E06) "Vegas with Some Radish"

Having to get the attention of Roxie Pagliani, who happens to be Moonbeam Casino’s pet boss, Ella convinces Lucifer to play blackjack and shows incredible skill in helping him, which we later discover it is due to her ability to count cards. It’s nice to know a bit more of Ella’s past. Ella is a fan favorite (mine too), and knowing more of her story helps to build a closer relationship with the character. Meanwhile, back in LA, Chloe finds Lucifer’s wall safe, and of course, the Detective and the Doctor wouldn’t leave without trying to open it. After they try combinations such as “666” and “8008” (try typing that in your calculator to see what it spells. Makes sense they would try this one), they call Daniel, yes, THAT Daniel. Dan happily tries to help, damaging Lucifer’s antique Assyrian wall. In the meantime, while being thrown out of the Casino, Ella asks Lucifer why he is avoiding the Detective, and he replies that he is not avoiding nor lying to her, and still believes he’s protecting her. I don’t think so. To me, Lucifer is afraid she won’t accept him as he is if he comes clean. I think otherwise.

Time for another flashback. This time we see Lucifer surprise Candy in her own apartment, getting his ring back, which she stole when seducing him at the club, but lets her keep the money she took from him. Things get more interesting when we find out Candy too, besides Linda, but back then, heard the whole story, or at least Lucifer’s side, of the Devil and the Detective. We also learn that Lucifer got married to Candy in order to pay her debt to Louie Pagliani and help her keep her father’s club, but also she would help him bluff to the Detective. Back to the present, out of nowhere, interrupting Ella and Lucifer’s dialogue comes a waiter from the Casino… Oh, hello! It’s Candy, everyone! She has been also following the clues and got to Roxie. The blonde girl who died was her friend. Let’s all give her a big ol’ Ella hug! Oh well, Ella just did. As I was saying, Candy has also been investigating, but she knows more. The clubs deed went missing from her apartment, so the killer wants the club. Lucifer, as always, finds the solution: as the killer thinks Candy is dead, he or she would know the new club is the widower Lucifer (legally, he’s still married to Candy), so making Lucifer the killer’s next target.

What follows is just priceless. Lucifer sings “Luck Be a Lady” with Ella, dressed as a showgirl, as one of the dancers, and presents himself as the new owner, practically commanding the killer to attack him. That’s definitely the Lucifer we love. While Lucifer puts himself in harm’s way, Chloe comes clean with Linda, showing she’s really upset and sad Lucifer is not there on her birthday. An interesting thing to see here is how Candy, Ella and Linda have kind of a similar role in this episode. They are mainly listeners, and sometimes give opinions from the outside, but more importantly, what they say or make Lucifer and Chloe say or think trigger important emotions, and help them realize what they’re truly feeling.

Ok. We got to the best part of the episode.  So, this end scene means so much but so little at the same time. Obviously tired from the trip, Lucifer comes home to find Dan and Linda asleep on the couch, and oh, Chloe is sleeping in his bed! This is when stuff gets real. Sitting next to her, he starts to talk about the reason why he didn’t tell her about the trip to Vegas, and about the realization that perhaps bluffing is the same as lying, and lying is something he never wants to do. To conclude the episode, Lucifer opens the safe Linda and the Detective were trying to open earlier, and inside is his gift for Chloe. After giving her the present, they both hug.

Again, this episode is really good all around but really excels at making both Chloe and Lucifer come to terms with their feelings, at least themselves getting to know what is that they truly feel for each other. The ending scene also contributes to building more trust between Chloe and Lucifer, because now she knows of his intentions, and as he thought she was asleep while he was talking, we can assume he really meant what he said. But still, what will be of Deckerstar? Will Chloe and Lucifer ever let their guards down and tell each other directly how they truly feel?. The flashbacks are also very well written, and Candy’s story is interesting, as well as her first meeting with Lucifer. We also got more background on Ella, although questions have been raised by her explaining that she counted cards to cope with the voices (What voices? Could Ella be a Celestial Being of some sort?). On top of all that, we got the regular banter and the regular jokes, the regular great acting this wonderful cast is capable of, and let’s not forget, we got to see Lucifer in a pink snuggie and opening up to Candy over some ice cream and alcohol. I am definitely up for more moments like that.