Mr. Robot (S03E06) ""

The sixth episode started as a throwback – we get to see a conversation between Angela (Portia Doubleday) and Elliot’s dad – Mr. Robot (Christian Slater). We also get a snippet of Angela’s mother who back then was, of course, sick and holding onto dear life.

And then … Angela zones back in. Elliot (Rami Malek) now knows for sure that he has been manipulated by her all this time. Angela’s mind has been manipulated too, if you ask me, since she’s been acting like a lunatic. She doesn’t understand that some people (especially dead ones) cannot be saved!

Tyrell (Martin Wallstrom) cannot be saved anymore either. Elliot called Darlene to give her information about his location and Dom (Grace Gummer) stepped right in. Though she identified Red Wheelbarrow as his location, she couldn’t find him physically, but it all turned out OK for her (and – needless to say – badly for Wellick) when he was captured outside.

Meanwhile, Elliot is literally battling his own self. Mr. Robot is constantly gaining control and he is losing it. He has lost it so hard, actually, that when he was 100% sure he was saving the world by transferring E Corp’s files across the country … He actually ended up creating fires and explotions in every single one of those buildings. Wowza …

Having said that, it looks like Whiterose never stops winning. Getting the UN vote was quite an important step as well, but practically manipulating the most brilliant hacker to execute multiple attacks without his knowledge is Whiterose going beyond herself, honestly!