Arrow (S06E06) "Promises Kept" and (S06E07) "Thanksgiving "

Deathstroke (Manu Benett) is still in the house and he has some family issues, shall we call them that, given the fact that his son became a boss of a mob, basically. But it wasn’t always like that, they had each other’s backs when Slade was rescued, which we get to see in throwback scenes. We also saw a scene with Shado, who used to be one of my favorite Arrow characters!

I also always liked Slade for some reasons, even though he used to be a villain, but when his son failed to kill him, I realized how boring Arrow is by constantly saving characters. Not everyone has to die all the time, like it’s mandatory for some other shows, but while watching Arrow, we’ve simply learned not to be afraid for anybody, which doesn’t create any suspense while watching dramatic scenes. That’s a shame.

Not to sound too morbid … I’ll instead talk about happier things! Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) finally appeared in the show! She’s been absent for this entire season and given the fact that she and Diggle (David Ramsey) had relationship issues in the previous season, I was afraid that meant they were falling apart. But it looks like my favorite couple is going to be OK! Diggle also decided to come clean about using drugs for his condition. At last!

Another happy scene was of Felicity spending time with Oliver’s son, which is great as well. They might make a cute family.
Onto the 7th episode … We’re going back to evil Laurel (Katie Cassidy) and her mastermind boss who are yet again trying to be scary villains by stealing explosives and Oliver faced the court because of the allegations that he is the Green Arrow.

Diggle has overdone his drugs. The aftermath of that was that he suddenly appeared in the hospital. One thing led to another, Oliver said a thing too much and our favorite bromance got into a fight. But it didn’t last, thankfully. Oliver and Dig might disagree now and then, yet they are close to a family, at the end of the day. Everything wasn’t solved the way we’d like it, though, because Dig’s injury got worse over the use of steroids and he now has to stop being the Green Arrow or he’ll end up being paralyzed.

In order to prevent a possible attack at the concert, Oliver overtook on his role of the Green Arrow, though, so Dig could stay back. He risked his position for nothing, because it turned out the mastermind didn’t even plant a bomb, he just wanted to have a conversation and let the Green Arrow know that because he killed his son, he will be getting revenge on him. It’s too bad Oliver has no idea what is he talking about.

The episode ends up by Thea (Willa Holland) waking up, at last. Did I personally miss her? Not neccessarily! But good on her.
All in all, the 7th episode was, for me, better than the 6th. The next episode will be out today/tomorrow (depends on your timeline) and it will be a part 2 to the episode of The Flash. Tune in, if you feel like it!