Mr. Robot (S03E07) "eps3.6_fredrick+tanya.chk"

Mobley (Azhar Khan) and Trenton (Sunita Mani) appeared after the longest time of silence! As the second season ended, we got an additional scene that signaled the fact that Leon (Joey Badass) got his hands on them, but we didn’t get any additional storyline till this episode. Of course there is a reason why … There always is.

Meanwhile, Elliot (Rami Malek) came running to his therapist to have a conversation, but Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) yet again took control, which meant there was a scene between Krista (Gloria Reuben) and himself instead. They already had a scene together a couple of episodes ago and I truly loved it, because their acting was superb, so I can say the same thing this time. It’s a shame, though, that Christa has truly been trying her best to help Elliot out, but she will be pulled out of that the more she will know about him, sadly. That’s why she even tried turning him in after Mr. Robot took responsibilities for the attacks. She knows he did this and it’s not just a lunatic talking false statements, but for the sake of the confidentiality, she wasn’t able to do anything just yet. 

Tyrell’s (Martin Wallstrom) lawyer brought up a story about his disappearance, claiming that he was kidnapped and held captive for this entire time, instead of being a mastermind hacker and murderer. Interesting! He even propposed a deal for Tyrell who then gave two names of hackers behind the attacks, which happened to be Mobley and Trenton. After that … We get confirmation of Dom’s (Grace Gummer) supervisior working with Irving (Bobby Cannavale), which makes a lot of sense now and he made it his personal mission to deliver Tyrell the news of his wife’s passing. Poor Tyrell didn’t want to believe it, but when it hit him that it can’t be a lie, he broke down completely.

Going back to Trenton’s and Mobley’s storyline … Their faith was absolutely horrifying, since the Dark Army ended up orchestrating their suicides. I couldn’t believe it! Is there a character that won’t be brutally murdered in this show?

That just indicated the fact that Whiterose (BD Wong) has everything planned out, she is constantly two steps ahead! She was tracing Mobley and Trenton, planning to kill them off, manipulating Tyrell and Angela (Portia Doubleday), controlling Philipp (Michael Cristofer) … That’s why Angela has been acting like an absolute lunatic, being sure that the dead people will be “fine” and that bombed buildings will get straight back up into their original state. 

Dom knows how powerful Whiterose is, too. She whispered to herself that Whiterose will end up getting away with all of these attacks, which is almost definitely going to be the case. Unless Sam Esmail, the creator of the show, plans on finishing this show anytime soon, Whiterose will most likely only grow stronger. 

This episode was without a doubt the best episode of the season! Countless storylines overlapped, the acting of the characters was absolutely amazing (Elliot’s and Tyrell’s breakdowns into tears are especially worth of mentioning) and it left us craving for more!