The Walking Dead (S08E06) "The King, The Widow, and Rick"

This episode was full of action, emotion, and dealing with issues left over from the fall out of Jesus taking several Saviors hostage.  The theme is also everyone in Alexandria, from Carl to Daryl ignoring Rick’s plans and taking off on their own.
Rick tries to make another deal with the Garbage people to get enough numbers to end the war now that the Sanctuary’s surrounded by walkers and the Saviors are cut off from their supplies.  This backfires spectacularly because the Garbage People, rightfully so by the way, turn down the offer because they can’t fathom that Rick and the Alexandrians would ever trust them again.  They lock Rick up in a rail cart (remind anyone of Terminus?) and draw a big red A on the door.

Maggie brings the captive Saviors into the Hilltop to use as hostages after the battle’s over, and throws Gregory in with them.

Daryl and Tara take off to end the fight once and for all now that the Sanctuary’s surrounded.  Along the way they wind up saving Michonne and Rosita who where on the way as well because Michonne wanted to see the Sanctuary surrounded for herself.  While in a warehouse that is full of presumably the Savior’s missing guns, they see two Saviors and take one of them out.

Carl tracks down the runaway boy from the gas station a few episodes ago,  and after asking him the questions Rick asked people in season 4 before bringing them into the prison, decides to bring Seddiq back to Alexandria with him.

And in one of the more moving parts of the night, Carole tries to comfort Ezekiel after his breakdown from loosing Shiva and his knights last episode.  One of the sons of the fallen soldiers follows Carole in the woods (what is it with Carole and kids?  She’s like the pied piper when it comes to kids.  They just can’t stay away from her.) And she finds him and brings him back after a run in with a few walkers.  Ezekiel talks about how he doesn’t feel real anymore, that only she makes him feel real.

What do you think were the more dramatic points of the night?  Why in the hell did Rick go back to the Garbage People?  They clearly couldn’t be trusted.  Will King Ezekiel ever recover from the crushing blow he was dealt last episode?  And will the Alexandrians be able to save Rick?  Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments down below.  Let’s discuss.