Good Behavior (S02E07) “Don’t Thank God, Thank Me”

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Jetty and Jacob:
Letty, WHY! She is talking to Jacob. He is too grown up for a kid. They love each other so much. I can’t take this anymore.
Wow. “We all do bad things. It’s not Javier over Jacob.” – Letty

Talking about betrayal. Give it to her Letty! Estelle, you are not innocent. Letty is talking to her mother. I understand that Estelle thinks she is doing what’s right. Honestly, I don’t think it is though. She is taking Jacob away from Letty. She is taking Jacob away from Javi. They both love him beyond words. Granted, Letty is his mother and has yearned to be with him since forever. You think Estelle would understand more. We go back to last week’s episode, when Grandma Alice reminded her that Jacob would be better off with Estelle. Yes, she makes good points. Letty is trying to change for the better. Estelle needs to try to give her a chance. It breaks my heart into itty-bitty pieces seeing Jacob and Letty say goodbye. I just don’t know how much more my heart can take.

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Jetty: The Saga Continues.
(My heart sinks again.)
“It was a mistake.” – Javi
“From day one. I think my vision get really bad when I’m with you… Worse than it already is. Yours does too.” – Letty
If you ask my opinion, since they have been together, Letty and Javi have only brought each other up. How is that bad? They have made each other better people. How does them being apart make any sense? It makes things worse if anything. Letty needs to realize they BOTH love each other. They are better together, then apart. I can’t accept that Letty thinks they need to do this. Girlfriend, why? They revert right back to their old behaviors again. They aren’t good behaviors either. Javi hit-man persona flips on like a light switch. Letty reverts to stealing and lying with a blink of an eye.
“I suck at a lot of things people are good at.”  –  Letty
A knock at the door. An accent. Papers. Money. Letty. You bad girl. (What did I tell you? Can’t help herself.)

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Dropping the Dead Weight.
“Whatever you said to Mom, you got rid of that Teo guy.” – Daniela and Sophia to Uncle Javi
Don’t you just love Daniela and Sophia? They are certainly wise beyond their years. One thing for sure, they knew that Teo was a creep. He couldn’t not be trusted with their mother or their family. Especially Uncle Javi. Finally, Ava was no longer blinded by the light. She finally ditched the hit-man.  What Javi found out was even more disturbing. Teo was sent to kill Javi by his father’s orders. He was the one who also killed Silk. (¡Dios mio!) Never mind the fact, he was gunning for Javi! So glad, he got him to admit all of this.

The irony: “My father wants me dead. He hires a hitman.” – Javi

Teo was playing the loving boyfriend to Ava and old friend card to Javi. What a two-faced back-stabbing rat! Honestly, how long did he think he’d get away with this? He had to know Javi suspected someone was out to kill him. Teo is living on borrowed time. Hey, Hey, Hey… Goodbye! Aren’t we all glad that Ava finally came to her senses and made peace with her brother. (Thank God!) She had to know deep in her heart that Javi would never do all those things he was being accused of. He would never kill his BIL Silk! Javi is steaming mad! Issuing ultimatums. Finding out some info. Teo worked for Papi… Um hum. The plot thickens!!! Javi looks so upset and I’m seriously worried about him. “Oh shizzle, Teo. Watch yourself.

Letty, the girls and Ava.

“Letty was our 10-year plan, our spirit animal.” – Daniella and Sophia to Uncle Javi
It was really heartbreaking seeing how upset the girls were. They truly adored and were growing to love their Aunt Letty. The girls are filling Ava in on Letty. Even Ava was shocked over what happened. Everyone loves her.

The Adventures of Letty and Carin: Molly, oh you mean that kind?

We see Letty. Something looks amiss. Suddenly out of nowhere, Carin is back!!!! Eric took Apple and changed the locks on her. Wowzah. Letty will help a girlfriend out… This isn’t anything that Letty can’t fix. Hold up, WAIT! She picks the lock. They rummage thru all of Eric’s things and get rid of them.

“Don’t thank God, Thank Me.” Letty to Carin (So clever, writers!) You know things are about to get crazy when you hear “La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin playing in the background. These two are their own female gang. (snorts and snickers) They are pounding down the margaritas. They are doing cocaine. They head off to a club where they take tons of selfies. Girls night out, I declare.

These two can party. BUT WAIT, the Po-Po raid the club! Where our girl Carin gets snagged by them. Letty is so quick on her feet. “She has early onset Alzheimer’s like that Julianne Moore movie.” (All I could do at this point was a OMG, Letty no you didn’t girl, again!) She gets Julianne, oh no, I mean Carin released by the Po-Po. What happens next? Wait, what did I hear? Did she just call Letty, Lindsay? Letty proceeds to blow her cover and comes clean to her friend. (Meanwhile, I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

You think it’s such a wise idea, Letty?) I’m not sure telling Carin the truth was such a good idea. Her husband is an animal. Her daughter is a little tattle-tale. Carin might come off nice but what if she really isn’t? Remember the saying? “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” (Maybe the only people she should trust is Javi and Jacob, just saying…) It can come off genuine, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Letty, watch yourself with Carin. She could be your downfall girl. She already knows WAY TOO MUCH. We all know one of those people.
Reunited! Christian and Letty! Love this.

Christian’s short story uses Letty’s last name in the book series he’s is writing… The story is about her and the big heist they did together. The stories would be based on her too. (Life replicating art, anyone?) I do love their friendship because it has withstood all the calamities and troubled waters. Christian is hitting Letty with some hard truths. Love him for being such a caring friend! You know we all need a person like this in our lives. These talks, sometimes are needed.

Carlito’s Way.

What’s up with baby brother Carlos coming to town? He is the bearer of bad news? Papi and David are muerte. Should we believe this? It’s getting harder to trust anyone these days… What is he pulling Jesse James? (Papi)

Good Behavior (S02E07) Don’t Thank God Thank Me: Random Musings:

  • Now we finally know who’s behind the curtain. It’s a Wizard of Oz reference. Papi indeed wants Javi muerte. How badly will this backfire? (BIGTIME?)
  • How long will Javi and Letty be apart from each other? Hopefully, not too long. Please Chad, we are begging you.
  • Do you think Letty gets Jacob back anytime soon? (I SURE HOPE SO! Season Finale cliffhanger, anyone?)
  • Do you think Javi’s brother Carlos is up to no good too? Can’t trust anyone these days…
  • LOVED Rhonda’s Lashever line! “As if I would TRUST Bonnie and Clyde.” (Ann Dowd always bringing the humor!)
  • ANOTHER EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE by Michelle Dockery, Juan Diego-Botto, Laura Bell-Bundy, Maria Botto, Juan Riedinger, Lusia Strus, Joey Kern, Nyles Steele, Ann Dowd, Terry Kinney and Cristobal Tapia Montt. Thank you, Chad Hodge, Aaron Fullerton, Chitra Elizabeth Sampath and Amelia Allwarden. You guys BRING IT EVERY WEEK!

Thank you for reading. Good Behavior (S02E07) Don’t Thank God. Thank Me. UntNyil next week!