Damnation (S01E04) "The Emperor of Ice Cream"

Coming off of the success of the Riley Farm auction, Seth and Amelia try to bring the strike to an end while they feel they have the bargaining power.  They arrange for a meeting with the food distributor of the town to try to get him to see reason, but Creely has other ideas.

Creely meanwhile has gone to Victor, the lone African American in the town, to talk to him about helping him get a shipment of milk in so the local ice cream shop can stay in business.  A town favorite, but unable to make ice cream since the strike, the owner, (a widower who’s wife started the shop) is an unwitting pawn in the fight between the town bank and the striking farmers.  Victor, after being threatened and manipulated into thinking he’s doing what’s best for his family, agrees to help Creely get the shipment in.

Connie, the gun wielding assassin, is back at it, going from town to town killing strike bosses with her knew charge in tow.  After killing the little girl’s father in the last episode, Connie’s using her to get entry into houses to case the situation before she goes in gun blazing.  She never uses the child’s name, just calls her “Dear Child,’ interestingly enough.  A way to disassociate with what she’s done perhaps?  She seems to do that with everyone of her victims, instead of using their names, she calls them “Bad Men.”  At her most recent target, she learns about Seth and sets her sights on him next, dragging the “dear child” in tow.

We finally learn about Seth and Creely’s relationship, or lack there of, and how they knew each other and what they were like growing up.  Seth appointing himself as Creely’s protector, whom his father saw as the weaker child and routinely abused.  Seth still sees Creely as that weak little boy, which is why he believes as he puts it “the steel cold murderer routine’s just an act.”  He’s in for a big surprise.

The sheriff happily stands by, acting as a mediator between the bankers and the farmers during the negotiations, but when it comes time for the milk delivery, stands by and lets what unfolds happen.  As far as he’s concerned, it’s not in his job description to get involved.  Creely ices Bessie out, trying to distance himself from her, fearing for her safety if word gets out what they have is more than business.

Creely and Seth meet to discuss the prices of the dairy and corn sales at the ice cream shop.  They agree on doubling the price of dairy, but say they have to cut the corn price in half to make up the difference, setting the corn farmers agains the dairy farmers.  The negotiations  stall and Seth and his flock meet back at the church to discuss their next move.  A brawl breaks out and the farmers turn against each other, which is what Creely was aiming for.  As Creely awaits a new shipment of milk with the help of the dairy farmers, Archibald gives him a sample of his Granny’s Country Pecan, and upon tasting it, Creely utters what has to be a instant classic:  “Holy Shit Archibald!”  and declares he’s going to save the ice cream shop or die trying.  Obviously Archibald thinks its a figure of speech, but we know better guys.  Delivery is attempted but a gunfight breaks out.  In the end, only Creely, Seth, Victor, and Archibald are left alive, with Creely now holding the upper hand.

So what did you guys think of the story so far?  Do you think Victor was really going to betray the corn farmers?  Do you think he would’ve changed his mind?  Will the strike fall apart now or will this bring the farmers closer?  Let me know what you guys think in the comments.  Let’s discuss.