Damnation (S01E03) "One Penny"

This episode of Damnation shows how deep the hypocrisy of the midwest really runs as it opens with an All American family with its mother, father, and six boys.  They chit chat about playing centerfield for the Cardinals, then the mother goes and gets some sodas for a treat.  As the camera follows her in the shed, it reveals nooses and black robes with hoods and the Black Legion, (which could be compared to the KKK) as proudly displayed as baseball trophies would be.

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Bessie and Creely’s relationship continues to deepen, and Bessie realizes she may have deeper feelings for him than just being another mark.  While driving around town, Creely gets kidnapped by the Black Legion.  Bessie (who we find out not only is literate, street wise, and one of the smartest women around, but a damn good driver a well) escapes and she begs her father (the sheriff) to save him, which he does, reluctantly, but not until it’s almost too late.  The sheriff isn’t worried so much about the farmers strikes, he’s worried that Creely’s there to shut down his speak easy and other side businesses.  Bessie assures him that isn’t the case and they come to an arrangement.

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Meanwhile, Sam Riley’s farm and belongings are being auctioned off, with the family bible first.  His widow, Martha Riley, is trying desperately to save the family bible when she’s outbid by Creely, unknowingly outbidding the bank’s representative who’s there to buy everything up.  Creely gifts the bible to Martha, as an gesture of good faith, making enemies of the men he’s supposed to work for by accident.  He later charms his way out of trouble (which is definitely a family trait) and all is well on his end (for the moment).

Finally, the Riley farm is up for auction.  Unable to raise the funds to buy it legally, Seth and his flock do what they do best and intimidate the auctioneer to sell it to Mrs. Riley for one penny.  Outnumbered and out maneuvered, the bankers turn tail and retreat, letting Mrs. Riley keep the farm.

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What did you guys think of the episode?  What’s been your favorite reveal so far?  Who’s side are you on?  Let’s Discuss.