Glitch (S02E01) "The Rare Bird"

I cannot guarantee that this review will be spoiler free. You have been warned.

Season two dives right into the thick of things. We pick up where we left off last season. It doesn’t take long to be dragged right back in to the story.

The truth about dear, Dr. McKellar (Genevieve O’Reilly) has finally reached the surface. She knew much more than she let on, but there was a big reason for that. She is just like the other risen. Four years before they came back to life, she also rose from the dead.

James (Patrick Brammall) decides to do some digging his own and doesn’t come up empty handed. Elishia lived a very different life when she was alive, it’s as though she came back as a whole other person when she rose from the dead. She was a researcher at Norgard Pharmaceuticals. What was she working on? Stem Cell regeneration. Perhaps the answers are closer than we think.

Sarah (Emily Barclay) is still recovering from her ordeal. Something seems to have changed within her, I suppose a near death experience does that to someone. Things are strained between her and James, I’m not sure if their new bundle of joy will be able to salvage what is left of their relationship.

A new threat is creeping up on our risen. The boundary of death seems to be shrinking and there is no escaping their invisible prison. Flashbacks of distant memories seem to be plaguing them at random. Something is going to give, it’s only a matter of time.

Kate (Emma Booth) is tired of sitting around and waiting for things to happen. On her little break away from the others she stumbles upon a new man, Owen (Luke Owen). Who is taking care of his deceased father’s property. This could be a good thing for Kate. Her and James are over, she’s never going to get that life back. So she may as well live in the moment.

Paddy has recruited Charlie to help him get his property back, so that his true heirs will have what was always meant for them. Even though the risen seem to be restricted in their plight, there seems to be a lot of things going on for them.

John (Rodger Corser) has been found by a higher up within Elishia’s research company. They are interested in him, and easily convince him that Elishia is the bad guy. I mean she did lie to them after all this time, it isn’t that far from the truth. But something doesn’t quite sit right about the whole situation. John is in danger, and those fears are confirmed when Elishia comes out of hiding.

The mysteries are plenty. It seems as though others may be coming back to life after an untimely death. But those are just speculations at this point. I am sure we will find out more soon.

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review